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Academic Article Atomic contact vectors in protein-protein recognition.
Academic Article Optimizing protein representations with information theory.
Academic Article A flexible docking approach for prediction of T cell receptor-peptide-MHC complexes.
Academic Article Performance of ZDOCK in CAPRI rounds 20-26.
Academic Article Protein-protein docking benchmark version 4.0.
Academic Article Accelerating protein docking in ZDOCK using an advanced 3D convolution library.
Concept Models, Molecular
Academic Article Computational design of the affinity and specificity of a therapeutic T cell receptor.
Academic Article Binding interface prediction by combining protein-protein docking results.
Academic Article Identification and validation of a novel cell-recognition site (KNEED) on the 8th type III domain of fibronectin.
Academic Article Protein structure alignment using a genetic algorithm.
Academic Article VRDD: applying virtual reality visualization to protein docking and design.
Academic Article Computational determination of the structure of rat Fc bound to the neonatal Fc receptor.
Academic Article Effect of conformational flexibility and solvation on receptor-ligand binding free energies.
Academic Article Prediction of protein complexes using empirical free energy functions.
Academic Article Cytotoxic T cell recognition of allelic variants of HLA B35 bound to an Epstein-Barr virus epitope: influence of peptide conformation and TCR-peptide interaction.
Academic Article Human transaldolase and cross-reactive viral epitopes identified by autoantibodies of multiple sclerosis patients.
Academic Article ATLAS: A database linking binding affinities with structures for wild-type and mutant TCR-pMHC complexes.
Academic Article Integrating Cross-Linking Experiments with Ab Initio Protein-Protein Docking.
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