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The project aims to develop computational algorithms and software programs for analyzing high-throughput sequence data such as ChIP-Seq RNA-Seq small RNA sequencing data. PhD required. A strong background in computational biology especially experience with analyzing high-throughput sequencing data is highly desirable. Excellent communication and writing skills and the ability to work with experimental and computational collaborators are essential.
To apply please forward CV cover letter and three references to:  Zhiping.Weng@umassmed.edu

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Academic Article SeqVISTA: a graphical tool for sequence feature visualization and comparison.
Academic Article PromoSer: A large-scale mammalian promoter and transcription start site identification service.
Academic Article Finding functional sequence elements by multiple local alignment.
Academic Article CisML: an XML-based format for sequence motif detection software.
Academic Article CARRIE web service: automated transcriptional regulatory network inference and interactive analysis.
Academic Article MotifViz: an analysis and visualization tool for motif discovery.
Academic Article M-ZDOCK: a grid-based approach for Cn symmetric multimer docking.
Academic Article Assessing computational tools for the discovery of transcription factor binding sites.
Academic Article ZDOCK and RDOCK performance in CAPRI rounds 3, 4, and 5.
Academic Article Protein-Protein Docking Benchmark 2.0: an update.
Academic Article The performance of ZDOCK and ZRANK in rounds 6-11 of CAPRI.
Academic Article Exploring angular distance in protein-protein docking algorithms.
Academic Article Cluster-Buster: Finding dense clusters of motifs in DNA sequences.
Academic Article Computational inference of transcriptional regulatory networks from expression profiling and transcription factor binding site identification.
Academic Article Detection of functional DNA motifs via statistical over-representation.
Academic Article PromoSer: improvements to the algorithm, visualization and accessibility.
Academic Article SeqVISTA: a new module of integrated computational tools for studying transcriptional regulation.
Academic Article FAST: a novel protein structure alignment algorithm.
Academic Article An avidin-like domain that does not bind biotin is adopted for oligomerization by the extracellular mosaic protein fibropellin.
Academic Article Identification of conserved structural features at sequentially degenerate locations in transcription factor binding sites.
Academic Article Improvement of TRANSFAC matrices using multiple local alignment of transcription factor binding site sequences.
Academic Article ZRANK: reranking protein docking predictions with an optimized energy function.
Academic Article Protein-protein docking: overview and performance analysis.
Academic Article Protein-protein docking benchmark version 4.0.
Academic Article Performance of ZDOCK and ZRANK in CAPRI rounds 13-19.
Academic Article ACT: aggregation and correlation toolbox for analyses of genome tracks.
Academic Article Evaluating template-based and template-free protein-protein complex structure prediction.
Concept Software
Concept Software Design
Academic Article ZDOCK server: interactive docking prediction of protein-protein complexes and symmetric multimers.
Academic Article Defining functional DNA elements in the human genome.
Academic Article Site2genome: locating short DNA sequences in whole genomes.
Academic Article piPipes: a set of pipelines for piRNA and transposon analysis via small RNA-seq, RNA-seq, degradome- and CAGE-seq, ChIP-seq and genomic DNA sequencing.
Academic Article Detection of cis-element clusters in higher eukaryotic DNA.
Academic Article VRDD: applying virtual reality visualization to protein docking and design.
Academic Article Updates to the Integrated Protein-Protein Interaction Benchmarks: Docking Benchmark Version 5 and Affinity Benchmark Version 2.
Academic Article Tailor: a computational framework for detecting non-templated tailing of small silencing RNAs.

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