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Academic Article MicroRNA-regulated, systemically delivered rAAV9: a step closer to CNS-restricted transgene expression.
Academic Article Several rAAV vectors efficiently cross the blood-brain barrier and transduce neurons and astrocytes in the neonatal mouse central nervous system.
Academic Article Gene transfer to the CNS using recombinant adeno-associated virus.
Concept Central Nervous System
Concept Nervous System Diseases
Academic Article A single intravenous rAAV injection as late as P20 achieves efficacious and sustained CNS Gene therapy in Canavan mice.
Academic Article Global CNS transduction of adult mice by intravenously delivered rAAVrh.8 and rAAVrh.10 and nonhuman primates by rAAVrh.10.
Academic Article Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Neurological Disorders: Metabolic Disorders.
Academic Article Widespread Central Nervous System Gene Transfer and Silencing After Systemic Delivery of Novel AAV-AS Vector.
Academic Article rAAV Gene Therapy in a Canavan's Disease Mouse Model Reveals Immune Impairments and an Extended Pathology Beyond the Central Nervous System.
Academic Article Intravenous Infusion of AAV for Widespread Gene Delivery to the Nervous System.
Academic Article Structural characterization of a novel human adeno-associated virus capsid with neurotropic properties.
Academic Article Renewal of oligodendrocyte lineage reverses dysmyelination and CNS neurodegeneration through corrected N-acetylaspartate metabolism.
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