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Academic Article What physicians should know about spirituality and chronic pain.
Academic Article Does spirituality as a coping mechanism help or hinder coping with chronic pain?
Academic Article Prayer and pain: the mediating role of positive re-appraisal.
Academic Article Intersection of chronic pain treatment and opioid analgesic misuse: causes, treatments, and policy strategies.
Academic Article Psychophysiology of pain and opioid use: implications for managing pain in patients with an opioid use disorder.
Academic Article Meaning in life in chronic pain patients over time: associations with pain experience and psychological well-being.
Academic Article Psycho-physiological response to pain among individuals with comorbid pain and opioid use disorder: Implications for patients with prolonged abstinence.
Academic Article I'm tired and it hurts! Sleep quality and acute pain response in a chronic pain population.
Academic Article Attentional Patterns Toward Pain-Related Information: Comparison Between Chronic Pain Patients and Non-pain Control Group.
Academic Article The relationship between sleep and opioids in chronic pain patients.
Concept Chronic Pain
Academic Article Developing a novel treatment for patients with chronic pain and Opioid User Disorder.
Academic Article Negative impact of chronic pain: The role of locus of control and perceived family validation of chronic pain.
Academic Article Distress Tolerance in the Comorbid Chronic Pain and Opioid Use Disorder Population.
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