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Academic Article Structural brain abnormalities among relatives of patients with schizophrenia: implications for linkage studies.
Academic Article Human cerebellum: surface-assisted cortical parcellation and volumetry with magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article MRI-based surface-assisted parcellation of human cerebellar cortex: an anatomically specified method with estimate of reliability.
Academic Article Cortical gray matter differences identified by structural magnetic resonance imaging in pediatric bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Frontal connections and cognitive changes in normal aging rhesus monkeys: a DTI study.
Academic Article Hypothalamic abnormalities in schizophrenia: sex effects and genetic vulnerability.
Academic Article Attention and executive systems abnormalities in adults with childhood ADHD: A DT-MRI study of connections.
Academic Article Decreased volume of the brain reward system in alcoholism.
Academic Article MRI-based anatomical model of the human head for specific absorption rate mapping.
Academic Article Making connections in the connectome era.
Academic Article Association of common genetic variants in GPCPD1 with scaling of visual cortical surface area in humans.
Academic Article Neuroanatomical assessment of biological maturity.
Academic Article Functional MRI activity characterization using response time shift estimates from curve evolution.
Academic Article Automatically parcellating the human cerebral cortex.
Academic Article Segmentation of subcomponents within the superior longitudinal fascicle in humans: a quantitative, in vivo, DT-MRI study.
Academic Article Structural brain magnetic resonance imaging of limbic and thalamic volumes in pediatric bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Decreased volume of left and total anterior insular lobule in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Dorsolateral prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortex volumetric abnormalities in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder identified by magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article A study of syntactic processing in aphasia II: neurological aspects.
Academic Article White matter abnormalities in children with and at risk for bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Anterior cingulate volumetric alterations in treatment-na?ve adults with ADHD: a pilot study.
Academic Article WebParc: a tool for analysis of the topography and volume of stroke from MRI.
Academic Article Mapping resting-state brain networks in conscious animals.
Academic Article White matter volume abnormalities and associations with symptomatology in schizophrenia.
Academic Article Regional prefrontal cortex gray matter volumes in youth at familial risk for schizophrenia from the Harvard Adolescent High Risk Study.
Academic Article Microstructural abnormalities in subcortical reward circuitry of subjects with major depressive disorder.
Concept Brain Mapping
Academic Article Decreased Functional Connectivity of Insular Cortex in Drug Na?ve First Episode Schizophrenia: In Relation to Symptom Severity.
Academic Article Image processing and analysis methods for the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study.
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