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Academic Article MRI-based surface-assisted parcellation of human cerebellar cortex: an anatomically specified method with estimate of reliability.
Academic Article Reliability in multi-site structural MRI studies: effects of gradient non-linearity correction on phantom and human data.
Academic Article Adjustment for whole brain and cranial size in volumetric brain studies: a review of common adjustment factors and statistical methods.
Academic Article Automated brainstem co-registration (ABC) for MRI.
Academic Article An evaluation of four automatic methods of segmenting the subcortical structures in the brain.
Academic Article A Bayesian model of shape and appearance for subcortical brain segmentation.
Academic Article Functional MRI activity characterization using response time shift estimates from curve evolution.
Academic Article Detailed semiautomated MRI based morphometry of the neonatal brain: preliminary results.
Academic Article Human cerebral cortex: a system for the integration of volume- and surface-based representations.
Academic Article WebParc: a tool for analysis of the topography and volume of stroke from MRI.
Academic Article Mapping resting-state brain networks in conscious animals.
Academic Article Recurrent, robust and scalable patterns underlie human approach and avoidance.
Concept Reproducibility of Results
Academic Article The Resource Identification Initiative: A Cultural Shift in Publishing.
Academic Article The Resource Identification Initiative: a cultural shift in publishing.
Academic Article The Information Sharing Statement Grows Some Teeth.
Academic Article Introduction to the special issue on reproducibility in neuroimaging.
Academic Article Understanding the impact of preprocessing pipelines on neuroimaging cortical surface analyses.
Academic Article An assessment of the autism neuroimaging literature for the prospects of re-executability.
Academic Article Meaningful associations in the adolescent brain cognitive development study.
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