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Academic Article Visit satisfaction and tailored health behavior communications in primary care.
Academic Article Measuring resident physicians' performance of preventive care. Comparing chart review with patient survey.
Academic Article Development and testing of a scale to assess physician attitudes about handheld computers with decision support.
Academic Article Patient access to U.S. physicians who conduct internet or e-mail consults.
Academic Article Patterns of use of handheld clinical decision support tools in the clinical setting.
Academic Article Can e-mail messages between patients and physicians be patient-centered?
Academic Article A tailored Internet-delivered intervention for smoking cessation designed to encourage social support and treatment seeking: usability testing and user tracing.
Academic Article A stories-based interactive DVD intended to help people with hypertension achieve blood pressure control through improved communication with their doctors.
Academic Article Do women residents delay childbearing due to perceived career threats?
Academic Article Is physician engagement with Web-based CME associated with patients' baseline hemoglobin A1c levels? The Rural Diabetes Online Care study.
Academic Article The art and science of patient storytelling-harnessing narrative communication for behavioral interventions: the ACCE project.
Academic Article Patient complexity and diabetes quality of care in rural settings.
Academic Article A web-based diabetes intervention for physician: a cluster-randomized effectiveness trial.
Academic Article Doctors who are using e-mail with their patients: a qualitative exploration.
Academic Article Experiences of physicians who frequently use e-mail with patients.
Academic Article Patient perceptions of physician use of handheld computers.
Academic Article Experiences of patients who were early adopters of electronic communication with their physician: satisfaction, benefits, and concerns.
Academic Article Patient smoking cessation advice by health care providers: the role of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and health.
Academic Article Younger stroke survivors have reduced access to physician care and medications: National Health Interview Survey from years 1998 to 2002.
Academic Article Full implementation of computerized physician order entry and medication-related quality outcomes: a study of 3364 hospitals.
Academic Article Are co-morbidities associated with guideline adherence? The MI-Plus study of Medicare patients.
Academic Article Characteristics that predict physician participation in a Web-based CME activity: the MI-Plus study.
Academic Article Physician and patient influences on provider performance: ?-blockers in postmyocardial infarction management in the MI-Plus study.
Academic Article Quality of diabetes mellitus care by rural primary care physicians.
Concept Physicians, Women
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Concept Physicians, Family
Concept Physicians
Concept Practice Patterns, Physicians'
Academic Article Evaluating the QUIT-PRIMO clinical practice ePortal to increase smoker engagement with online cessation interventions: a national hybrid type 2 implementation study.
Academic Article A Natural Language Processing System That Links Medical Terms in Electronic Health Record Notes to Lay Definitions: System Development Using Physician Reviews.
Academic Article Primary Care Providers' Opening of Time-Sensitive Alerts Sent to Commercial Electronic Health Record InBaskets.
Academic Article Screening for Lung Cancer.
Concept Physicians, Primary Care
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