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Academic Article Documentation and management of overweight and obesity in primary care.
Academic Article Incident diabetes in relation to weight patterns during middle age.
Academic Article Correlates of weight patterns during middle age characterized by functional principal components analysis.
Academic Article Depression severity, diet quality, and physical activity in women with obesity and depression.
Academic Article Gestational weight gain within recommended ranges in consecutive pregnancies: a retrospective cohort study.
Concept Body Mass Index
Academic Article Food preparation supplies predict children's family meal and home-prepared dinner consumption in low-income households.
Academic Article Institute of medicine 2009 gestational weight gain guideline knowledge: survey of obstetrics/gynecology and family medicine residents of the United States.
Academic Article Obesity and late-age survival without major disease or disability in older women.
Academic Article Self-reported pre-pregnancy weight versus weight measured at first prenatal visit: effects on categorization of pre-pregnancy body mass index.
Academic Article Patient report of guideline-congruent gestational weight gain advice from prenatal care providers: differences by prepregnancy BMI.
Academic Article Pregnant women's interest in a website or mobile application for healthy gestational weight gain.
Academic Article Healthy lifestyle and decreasing risk of heart failure in women: the Women's Health Initiative observational study.
Academic Article Longitudinal association of anthropometric measures of adiposity with cardiometabolic risk factors in postmenopausal women.
Academic Article Pregnancy intention, receipt of pre-conception care, and pre-conception weight counseling reported by overweight and obese women in late pregnancy.
Academic Article Gestational Weight Gain, Body Mass Index, and Risk of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy in a Predominantly Puerto Rican Population.
Academic Article Obstructive sleep apnea and weight loss treatment outcome among adults with metabolic syndrome.
Academic Article Change in Dietary Patterns and Change in Waist Circumference and DXA Trunk Fat Among Postmenopausal Women.
Academic Article Physical impairment and body weight history in postmenopausal women: the Women's Health Initiative.
Academic Article Association between Dietary Energy Density and Incident Type 2 Diabetes in the Women's Health Initiative.
Academic Article Attempted and Successful Vacuum-Assisted Vaginal Delivery by Prepregnancy Body Mass Index.
Academic Article Comparison of Self-reported and Measured Pre-pregnancy Weight: Implications for Gestational Weight Gain Counseling.
Academic Article The association of dietary quality with colorectal cancer among normal weight, overweight and obese men and women: a prospective longitudinal study in the USA.
Academic Article Supporting families of children with overweight and obesity to live healthy lifestyles: Design and rationale for the Fitline cluster randomized controlled pediatric practice-based trial.
Academic Article Gestational weight gain in uncomplicated twin pregnancies by pre-pregnancy body mass index.
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