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Academic Article Rating long-term care facilities on pressure ulcer development: importance of case-mix adjustment.
Academic Article Severity measurement methods and judging hospital death rates for pneumonia.
Academic Article Refinements to the Diagnostic Cost Group (DCG) model.
Academic Article Do severity measures explain differences in length of hospital stay? The case of hip fracture.
Academic Article Reducing random variation in reported rates of pressure ulcer development.
Academic Article Profiling outcomes of ambulatory care: casemix affects perceived performance.
Academic Article Evaluation of complication rates after coronary artery bypass surgery using administrative data.
Academic Article Diagnosis-based risk adjustment for Medicare capitation payments.
Academic Article How much better can we predict dialysis patient survival using clinical data?
Academic Article Predicting in-hospital mortality. A comparison of severity measurement approaches.
Academic Article Does diagnostic information contribute to predicting functional decline in long-term care?
Academic Article High hospital admission rates and inappropriate care.
Academic Article Variations in the performance of hip fracture procedures.
Academic Article Principal inpatient diagnostic cost group model for Medicare risk adjustment.
Academic Article Risk selection in the Massachusetts State employee health insurance program.
Academic Article Comparing the importance of disease rate versus practice style variations in explaining differences in small area hospitalization rates for two respiratory conditions.
Academic Article The patient population of a major chain of investor-owned ambulatory care walk-in centers.
Academic Article Does severity explain differences in hospital length of stay for pneumonia patients?
Academic Article Does the survival advantage of nonwhite dialysis patients persist after case mix adjustment?
Academic Article Adjusting Medicare capitation payments using prior hospitalization data.
Academic Article Patterns of use of common major procedures in medical care of older adults.
Academic Article Admission and mid-stay MedisGroups scores as predictors of hospitalization charges.
Academic Article Predicting pharmacy costs and other medical costs using diagnoses and drug claims.
Academic Article Healthcare costs and utilization for Medicare beneficiaries with Alzheimer's.
Academic Article Implications of comorbidity on costs for patients with Alzheimer disease.
Academic Article Admission MedisGroups score and the cost of hospitalizations.
Academic Article An integer programming model to limit hospital selection in studies with repeated sampling.
Academic Article Small area variations in hospitalization rates: how much you see depends on how you look.
Academic Article Do variations in disease prevalence limit the usefulness of population-based hospitalization rates for studying variations in hospital admissions?
Academic Article Measuring population health risks using inpatient diagnoses and outpatient pharmacy data.
Academic Article Finding future high-cost cases: comparing prior cost versus diagnosis-based methods.
Academic Article Risk adjustment methods can affect perceptions of outcomes.
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