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  • Medical School, Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina
  • Residency in Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
  • Fellowship in Endocrinology, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC


  • Chief, Diabetes, UMass Memorial Medical Center
  • Co-Director, Diabetes Center of Excellence, UMass Memorial Medical Center
  • Professor of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School


  • Tolerance mechanisms and organ/tissue transplantation
  • Autoimmune illnesses, especially insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
  • Human beta cell biology
  • Improving diabetes care delivery systems


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Academic Article Islet-infiltrating t lymphocytes in insulin-dependent diabetic patients express CD80 (B7-1) and CD86 (B7-2).
Academic Article Low dose poly I:C prevents diabetes in the diabetes prone BB rat.
Academic Article Low dose streptozotocin-induced diabetes in rat insulin promoter-mCD80-transgenic mice is T cell autoantigen-specific and CD28 dependent.
Academic Article Anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody in new-onset type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Sirolimus-induced interstitial pneumonitis in an islet transplant recipient.
Academic Article Gene-altered islets for transplant: giant leap or small step?
Academic Article Resistin serum levels in type 1 diabetes pre- and post-islet transplantation.
Academic Article Islet transplantation as a treatment for diabetes.
Academic Article Long-term survival and function of intrahepatic islet allografts in rhesus monkeys treated with humanized anti-CD154.
Academic Article Challenges facing islet transplantation for the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Increased insulin translation from an insulin splice-variant overexpressed in diabetes, obesity, and insulin resistance.
Academic Article A mouse CD8 T cell-mediated acute autoimmune diabetes independent of the perforin and Fas cytotoxic pathways: possible role of membrane TNF.
Academic Article Immune intervention with anti-CD3 in diabetes.
Academic Article Assessment of islet function following islet and pancreas transplantation.
Academic Article Pancreatic islet cell therapy for type I diabetes: understanding the effects of glucose stimulation on islets in order to produce better islets for transplantation.
Academic Article Cytotoxic T cell-mediated diabetes in RIP-CD80 transgenic mice: autoantigen peptide sensitivity and fine specificity.
Academic Article Transforming growth factor-beta/Smad3 signaling regulates insulin gene transcription and pancreatic islet beta-cell function.
Academic Article Blood glucose levels regulate pancreatic beta-cell proliferation during experimentally-induced and spontaneous autoimmune diabetes in mice.
Academic Article Pancreatic beta cell function persists in many patients with chronic type 1 diabetes, but is not dramatically improved by prolonged immunosuppression and euglycaemia from a beta cell allograft.
Academic Article Transduction of rat pancreatic islets with pseudotyped adeno-associated virus vectors.
Academic Article Effect of ingested interferon-alpha on beta-cell function in children with new-onset type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Counterpoint: clinical islet transplantation: not ready for prime time.
Academic Article Current advances and travails in islet transplantation.
Academic Article Diabetes and cancer: a consensus report.
Academic Article Islet cell allotransplantation as a model system for a bioengineering approach to reparative medicine: immunological concerns.
Academic Article Pancreatic islet transplantation using the nonhuman primate (rhesus) model predicts that the portal vein is superior to the celiac artery as the islet infusion site.
Academic Article Beta cell-specific CD80 (B7-1) expression disrupts tissue protection from autoantigen-specific CTL-mediated diabetes.
Academic Article Islet transplantation: where do we stand now?
Academic Article State of the art: islet transplantation for the cure of type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Benefits and risks of solitary islet transplantation for type 1 diabetes using steroid-sparing immunosuppression: the National Institutes of Health experience.
Academic Article Survival after pancreas transplantation in patients with diabetes and preserved kidney function.
Academic Article Insulin secretion in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article A CD8+ T-lymphocyte-mediated and CD4+ T-lymphocyte-independent autoimmune diabetes of early onset in transgenic mice.
Academic Article Very-low-dose streptozotocin induces diabetes in insulin promoter-mB7-1 transgenic mice.
Academic Article Pancreatic islet transplantation.
Academic Article Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation prevents diabetes in NOD mice but does not contribute to significant islet cell regeneration once disease is established.
Academic Article A single course of anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody hOKT3gamma1(Ala-Ala) results in improvement in C-peptide responses and clinical parameters for at least 2 years after onset of type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Islet neogenesis associated protein transgenic mice are resistant to hyperglycemia induced by streptozotocin.
Academic Article Dynamic changes in pancreatic endocrine cell abundance, distribution, and function in antigen-induced and spontaneous autoimmune diabetes.
Academic Article Effects of exenatide alone and in combination with daclizumab on beta-cell function in long-standing type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Diabetes and cancer: a consensus report.
Academic Article Infant formula, autoimmune triggers, and type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Comment on: Keenan et al. (2010) residual insulin production and pancreatic ?-Cell turnover after 50 years of diabetes: Joslin Medalist Study. Diabetes 2010;59:2846-2853.
Academic Article Uncoupling intensive insulin therapy from weight gain and hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Metabolic function of a suboptimal transplanted islet mass in nonhuman primates on rapamycin monotherapy.
Academic Article The Clinical Center's blood glucose management service: a story in quality integrated care.
Academic Article Humanized mice for the study of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Extrapancreatic autoantibody profiles in type I diabetes.
Academic Article Mice expressing both B7-1 and viral glycoprotein on pancreatic beta cells along with glycoprotein-specific transgenic T cells develop diabetes due to a breakdown of T-lymphocyte unresponsiveness.
Concept Diabetes Mellitus
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental
Academic Article Differences in the management of type 1 diabetes among adults under excellent control compared with those under poor control in the T1D Exchange Clinic Registry.
Academic Article Diabetes: 8 strategies to put into practice.
Academic Article Exenatide treatment for 6 months improves insulin sensitivity in adults with type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article IGRP and insulin vaccination induce CD8+ T cell-mediated autoimmune diabetes in the RIP-CD80GP mouse.
Academic Article Evaluating the role of epigenetic histone modifications in the metabolic memory of type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article The pancreatic ?-cell transcriptome and integrated-omics.
Academic Article Response to comment on Sarkar et al. Exenatide treatment for 6 months improves insulin sensitivity in adults with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes care 2014;37:666-670.
Academic Article Editorial: diabetes and the endocrine pancreas I.
Academic Article Long-term immunosuppression after solitary islet transplantation is associated with preserved C-peptide secretion for more than a decade.
Academic Article Beyond the brain: disrupted in schizophrenia 1 regulates pancreatic ?-cell function via glycogen synthase kinase-3?.
Academic Article Pathogenic CD4 T cells in type 1 diabetes recognize epitopes formed by peptide fusion.
Academic Article Islet Transplantation for Hypoglycemia Unawareness/Severe Hypoglycemia: Caveat Emptor.
Academic Article Redesigning Diabetes Care: Defining the Role of Endocrinologists Among Alternative Providers.
Academic Article Analysis of self-antigen specificity of islet-infiltrating T cells from human donors with type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Home use of a bihormonal bionic pancreas versus insulin pump therapy in adults with type 1 diabetes: a multicentre randomised crossover trial.
Academic Article The upside down world of diabetes care medical economics and what we might do to improve it.
Academic Article Possible type 1 diabetes risk prediction: Using ultrasound imaging to assess pancreas inflammation in the inducible autoimmune diabetes BBDR model.
Academic Article Clinical Diabetes Centers of Excellence: A Model for Future Adult Diabetes Care.
Academic Article a Cell Function and Gene Expression Are Compromised in Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Modifying Enzymes Are Elicited by ER Stress, Generating Epitopes That Are Selectively Recognized by CD4+ T Cells in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Response to Comment on Harlan. Islet Transplantation for Hypoglycemia Unawareness/Severe Hypoglycemia: Caveat Emptor. Diabetes Care 2016;39:1072-1074.
Academic Article Human islets expressing HNF1A variant have defective ? cell transcriptional regulatory networks.
Academic Article HLA Class II Antigen Processing and Presentation Pathway Components Demonstrated by Transcriptome and Protein Analyses of Islet ?-Cells From Donors With Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article Recovery of viable endocrine-specific cells and transcriptomes from human pancreatic islet-engrafted mice.
Academic Article Decreased pancreatic acinar cell number in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Modeling Type 1 Diabetes In?Vitro Using Human Pluripotent Stem Cells.
Academic Article The Noble and Often Nobel Role Played by Insulin-Focused Research in Modern Medicine.
Academic Article An Early Islet Transcriptional Signature Is Associated With Local Inflammation in Autoimmune Diabetes.
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