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Academic Article Extreme Th1 bias of invariant Valpha24JalphaQ T cells in type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Heterophile antibodies indicate progression of autoimmunity in human type 1 diabetes mellitus before clinical onset.
Academic Article GAD65-reactive T cells are activated in patients with autoimmune type 1a diabetes.
Academic Article Loss of IL-4 secretion from human type 1a diabetic pancreatic draining lymph node NKT cells.
Academic Article Multiple differences in gene expression in regulatory Valpha 24Jalpha Q T cells from identical twins discordant for type I diabetes.
Academic Article Reduced CD4+ subset and Th1 bias of the human iNKT cells in Type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Dimorphic histopathology of long-standing childhood-onset diabetes.
Academic Article Expanded T cells from pancreatic lymph nodes of type 1 diabetic subjects recognize an insulin epitope.
Academic Article Pathology of an islet transplant 2 years after transplantation: evidence for a nonimmunological loss.
Academic Article Monocytes from patients with type 1 diabetes spontaneously secrete proinflammatory cytokines inducing Th17 cells.
Concept Diabetes Mellitus
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1
Concept Diabetes Mellitus, Experimental
Academic Article Pathogenic CD4 T cells in type 1 diabetes recognize epitopes formed by peptide fusion.
Academic Article Tolerogenic nanoparticles inhibit T cell-mediated autoimmunity through SOCS2.
Academic Article Analysis of self-antigen specificity of islet-infiltrating T cells from human donors with type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Narrowing in on the anti-? cell-specific T cells: looking 'where the action is'.
Academic Article Germinal centre frequency is decreased in pancreatic lymph nodes from individuals with recent-onset type 1 diabetes.
Academic Article Deciphering the Pathogenesis of Human Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) by Interrogating T Cells from the "Scene of the Crime".
Academic Article Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes is caused by islet loss and inflammation.
Academic Article Modifying Enzymes Are Elicited by ER Stress, Generating Epitopes That Are Selectively Recognized by CD4+ T Cells in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article HLA Class II Antigen Processing and Presentation Pathway Components Demonstrated by Transcriptome and Protein Analyses of Islet ?-Cells From Donors With Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article T-Cell Epitopes and Neo-epitopes in Type 1 Diabetes: A Comprehensive Update and Reappraisal.
Academic Article Proinsulin-Reactive CD4 T Cells in the Islets of Type 1 Diabetes Organ Donors.
Academic Article Means, Motive, and Opportunity: Do Non-Islet-Reactive Infiltrating T Cells Contribute to Autoimmunity in Type 1 Diabetes?
Academic Article Recognition of mRNA Splice Variant and Secretory Granule Epitopes by CD4+ T Cells in Type 1 Diabetes.
Academic Article The beta cell-immune cell interface in type 1 diabetes (T1D).
Academic Article Coxsackievirus infection induces direct pancreatic ? cell killing but poor antiviral CD8+ T cell responses.
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