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Concept Nursing Homes
Academic Article Nursing home organizational change: the "Culture Change" movement as viewed by long-term care specialists.
Academic Article The taste for regulation in long-term care.
Academic Article How valid are the responses to nursing home survey questions? Some issues and concerns.
Academic Article Geographic concentration and correlates of nursing home closures: 1999-2008.
Academic Article A randomized trial of the impact of survey design characteristics on response rates among nursing home providers.
Academic Article The Care Span: Growth of racial and ethnic minorities in US nursing homes driven by demographics and possible disparities in options.
Academic Article Culture change practice in U.S. Nursing homes: prevalence and variation by state medicaid reimbursement policies.
Academic Article Surveying multiple health professional team members within institutional settings: an example from the nursing home industry.
Academic Article Medical staff involvement in nursing homes: development of a conceptual model and research agenda.
Academic Article Family perceptions of quality of hospice care in the nursing home.
Academic Article Elderly hispanics more likely to reside in poor-quality nursing homes.
Academic Article Innovative Use of Cognitive Interviewing for Nursing Home Research.
Academic Article The Prevalence of Culture Change Practice in US Nursing Homes: Findings From a 2016/2017 Nationwide Survey.
Academic Article End-of-Life Culture Change Practices in U.S. Nursing Homes in 2016/2017.
Academic Article The Changing Adoption of Culture Change Practices in U.S. Nursing Homes.
Academic Article The Benefits of Culture Change in Nursing Homes-Obtaining Nationally Representative Evidence.
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