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Academic Article Regulation of GLUT1-mediated sugar transport by an antiport/uniport switch mechanism.
Academic Article Quench-flow analysis reveals multiple phases of GluT1-mediated sugar transport.
Academic Article Analysis of glucose transporter topology and structural dynamics.
Academic Article Acute modulation of sugar transport in brain capillary endothelial cell cultures during activation of the metabolic stress pathway.
Academic Article Determinants of ligand binding affinity and cooperativity at the GLUT1 endofacial site.
Academic Article Anomalous asymmetric kinetics of human red cell hexose transfer: role of cytosolic adenosine 5'-triphosphate.
Academic Article Inhibitions of sugar transport produced by ligands binding at opposite sides of the membrane. Evidence for simultaneous occupation of the carrier by maltose and cytochalasin B.
Academic Article alpha- and beta-monosaccharide transport in human erythrocytes.
Academic Article ATP regulation of the human red cell sugar transporter.
Concept Cytochalasin B
Academic Article Caffeine inhibits glucose transport by binding at the GLUT1 nucleotide-binding site.
Academic Article WZB117 (2-Fluoro-6-(m-hydroxybenzoyloxy) Phenyl m-Hydroxybenzoate) Inhibits GLUT1-mediated Sugar Transport by Binding Reversibly at the Exofacial Sugar Binding Site.
Academic Article Kinetic Basis of Cis- and Trans-Allostery in GLUT1-Mediated Sugar Transport.
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