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Academic Article Boundary stiffness regulates fibroblast behavior in collagen gels.
Academic Article Applying controlled non-uniform deformation for in vitro studies of cell mechanobiology.
Academic Article IVUS-based computational modeling and planar biaxial artery material properties for human coronary plaque vulnerability assessment.
Academic Article Using in vivo Cine and 3D multi-contrast MRI to determine human atherosclerotic carotid artery material properties and circumferential shrinkage rate and their impact on stress/strain predictions.
Academic Article Using contracting band to improve right ventricle ejection fraction for patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot: a modeling study using patient-specific CMR-based 2-layer anisotropic models of human right and left ventricles.
Academic Article Biaxial mechanical evaluation of cholecyst-derived extracellular matrix: a weakly anisotropic potential tissue engineered biomaterial.
Academic Article Biomechanical and biochemical characteristics of a human fibroblast-produced and remodeled matrix.
Academic Article A mechanical study of rigid plate configurations for sternal fixation.
Academic Article Characterization of forces on the sternal midline following median sternotomy in a porcine model.
Academic Article In vivo IVUS-based 3-D fluid-structure interaction models with cyclic bending and anisotropic vessel properties for human atherosclerotic coronary plaque mechanical analysis.
Academic Article Femur flap for tibial reconstruction: percent circumference required to convey a mechanical advantage over the fibula.
Academic Article Combining dynamic stretch and tunable stiffness to probe cell mechanobiology in vitro.
Academic Article Nonlinear strain stiffening is not sufficient to explain how far cells can feel on fibrous protein gels.
Concept Stress, Mechanical
Academic Article Human coronary plaque wall thickness correlated positively with flow shear stress and negatively with plaque wall stress: an IVUS-based fluid-structure interaction multi-patient study.
Academic Article IVUS-based FSI models for human coronary plaque progression study: components, correlation and predictive analysis.
Academic Article A generalized method for the analysis of planar biaxial mechanical data using tethered testing configurations.
Academic Article Mechanical stress is associated with right ventricular response to pulmonary valve replacement in patients with repaired tetralogy of Fallot.
Academic Article Fiber Network Models Predict Enhanced Cell Mechanosensing on Fibrous Gels.
Academic Article Fluid-structure interaction models based on patient-specific IVUS at baseline and follow-up for prediction of coronary plaque progression by morphological and biomechanical factors: A preliminary study.
Academic Article Stiffness Properties of Adventitia, Media, and Full Thickness Human Atherosclerotic Carotid Arteries in the Axial and Circumferential Directions.
Academic Article Ventricle stress/strain comparisons between Tetralogy of Fallot patients and healthy using models with different zero-load diastole and systole morphologies.
Academic Article Heterogeneity Profoundly Alters Emergent Stress Fields in Constrained Multicellular Systems.
Academic Article Anisotropy profoundly alters stress fields within contractile cells and cell aggregates.
Academic Article Multicellular aligned bands disrupt global collective cell behavior.
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