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Kathleen Mazor, EdD is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and Associate Director of the Meyers Primary Care Institute.  Trained in psychometrics, her current research interests include physician-patient communication, health literacy, disclosure of medical errors, and decision-making.  She has led and collaborated on numerous studies investigating the impact of various strategies for communicating health-related information to patients and the public.  A consistent theme in her research is to understand the patient's perspective on health and healthcare.  Dr. Mazor has extensive experience in developing and validating instruments to measure knowledge, attitude, and beliefs in patients and providers.  Dr. Mazor received her Doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

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Academic Article Communicating with patients about medical errors: a review of the literature.
Academic Article Assessing professionalism in the context of an objective structured clinical examination: an in-depth study of the rating process.
Academic Article Patients' beliefs and preferences regarding doctors' medication recommendations.
Academic Article Development and validation of a tool to improve paediatric referral/consultation communication.
Academic Article More than words: patients' views on apology and disclosure when things go wrong in cancer care.
Academic Article Parent partnerships in communication and decision making about subspecialty referrals for children with special needs.
Academic Article Multisite parent-centered risk assessment to reduce pediatric oral chemotherapy errors.
Academic Article The relationship between checklist scores on a communication OSCE and analogue patients' perceptions of communication.
Academic Article Factors influencing preceptors' responses to medical errors: a factorial survey.
Academic Article Determinants and impact of generalist-specialist communication about pediatric outpatient referrals.
Academic Article The video-based test of communication skills: description, development, and preliminary findings.
Academic Article Patient education about anticoagulant medication: is narrative evidence or statistical evidence more effective?
Academic Article Communicating hospital infection data to the public: a study of consumer responses and preferences.
Academic Article Nurse-physician communication in the long-term care setting: perceived barriers and impact on patient safety.
Academic Article Randomized trial of a warfarin communication protocol for nursing homes: an SBAR-based approach.
Academic Article Medication errors in the homes of children with chronic conditions.
Academic Article The feasibility of a multi-format Web-based assessment of physicians' communication skills.
Academic Article Building bridges: future directions for medical error disclosure research.
Concept Communication
Concept Persuasive Communication
Concept Communication Barriers
Academic Article Patients' and family members' views on patient-centered communication during cancer care.
Academic Article Assessing patient-centered communication in cancer care: stakeholder perspectives.
Academic Article Enhancement of the assessment of physician-patient communication skills in the United States Medical Licensing Examination.
Academic Article Development and evaluation of a risk communication curriculum for medical students.
Academic Article Adult Willingness to Use Email and Social Media for Peer-to-Peer Cancer Screening Communication: Quantitative Interview Study.
Academic Article Providers' perceptions of communication breakdowns in cancer care.
Academic Article How cardiologists present the benefits of percutaneous coronary interventions to patients with stable angina: a qualitative analysis.
Academic Article Collective-Intelligence Recommender Systems: Advancing Computer Tailoring for Health Behavior Change Into the 21st Century.
Academic Article Assessing patients' experiences with communication across the cancer care continuum.
Academic Article Surrogate decision makers' perspectives on preventable breakdowns in care among critically ill patients: A qualitative study.
Academic Article Assessing Patient-Centered Communication in Cancer Care: Measures for Surveillance of Communication Outcomes.
Academic Article A vision for using online portals for surveillance of patient-centered communication in cancer care.
Academic Article Clinician-patient communication measures: drilling down into assumptions, approaches, and analyses.
Academic Article Persuasive Interventions for Controversial Cancer Screening Recommendations: Testing a Novel Approach to Help Patients Make Evidence-Based Decisions.
Academic Article Encouraging Patients to Speak up About Problems in Cancer Care.
Academic Article Keeping the patient in the center: Common challenges in the practice of shared decision making.
Academic Article We want to know: patient comfort speaking up about breakdowns in care and patient experience.
Academic Article What Families Need and Physicians Deliver: Contrasting Communication Preferences Between Surrogate Decision-Makers and Physicians During Outcome Prognostication in Critically Ill TBI Patients.
Academic Article We Want to Know: Eliciting Hospitalized Patients' Perspectives on Breakdowns in Care.
Academic Article Cancer survivors' experiences with breakdowns in patient-centered communication.
Academic Article Video-Based Communication Assessment: Development of an Innovative System for Assessing Clinician-Patient Communication.
Academic Article Positive deviance approaches to improving vaccination coverage rates within healthcare systems: a systematic review.
Academic Article Communicating with patients about breakdowns in care: a national randomised vignette-based survey.
Academic Article We Want to Know-A Mixed Methods Evaluation of a Comprehensive Program Designed to Detect and Address Patient-Reported Breakdowns in Care.
Academic Article How Communication "Failed" or "Saved the Day": Counterfactual Accounts of Medical Errors.
Academic Article Using crowdsourced analog patients to provide feedback on physician communication skills.
Academic Article Can sharing clinic notes improve communication and promote self-management? A qualitative study of patients with COPD.
Academic Article Implementation of Patient Engagement Tools in Electronic Health Records to Enhance Patient-Centered Communication: Protocol for Feasibility Evaluation and Preliminary Results.
Concept Health Communication
Academic Article Video-Based Communication Assessment of Physician Error Disclosure Skills by Crowdsourced Laypeople and Patient Advocates Who Experienced Medical Harm: Reliability Assessment With Generalizability Theory.
Academic Article Effects of Practicing With and Obtaining Crowdsourced Feedback From the Video-Based Communication Assessment App on Resident Physicians' Adverse Event Communication Skills: Pre-post Trial.
Academic Article Video-based communication assessment for weight management counseling training in medical residents: a mixed methods study.
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