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Academic Article Predicting nursing home adherence to a clinical trial intervention: lessons for the conduct of cluster randomized trials.
Academic Article Dementia and risk of adverse warfarin-related events in the nursing home setting.
Academic Article Medication errors in the home: a multisite study of children with cancer.
Academic Article Nurse-physician communication in the long-term care setting: perceived barriers and impact on patient safety.
Academic Article Randomized trial of a warfarin communication protocol for nursing homes: an SBAR-based approach.
Academic Article Medication errors in the homes of children with chronic conditions.
Academic Article Sources of stress for family members of nursing home residents with advanced dementia.
Concept Nursing Homes
Concept Home Nursing
Academic Article Knowledge of and perceived need for evidence-based education about antipsychotic medications among nursing home leadership and staff.
Academic Article What is family-centered care for nursing home residents with advanced dementia?
Academic Article Antipsychotic use in nursing homes varies by psychiatric consultant.
Academic Article Rationales that providers and family members cited for the use of antipsychotic medications in nursing home residents with dementia.
Academic Article Use of atypical antipsychotics in nursing homes and pharmaceutical marketing.
Academic Article Dissemination of Evidence-Based Antipsychotic Prescribing Guidelines to Nursing Homes: A Cluster Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Development and psychometric properties of the family distress in advanced dementia scale.
Academic Article Informed Family Member Involvement to Improve the Quality of Dementia Care in Nursing Homes.
Academic Article Use of Indwelling Urinary Catheters in Nursing Homes: Implications for Quality Improvement Efforts.
Academic Article The Increasing Prevalence of Obesity in Residents of U.S. Nursing Homes: 2005-2015.
Academic Article ADVANCE: Methodology of a qualitative study.
Academic Article Facility Characteristics Associated With Intensity of Care of Nursing Homes and Hospital Referral Regions.
Academic Article Advancing Clinical Trials in Nursing Homes: A Proposed Roadmap to Success.
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