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Academic Article Communicating with patients about medical errors: a review of the literature.
Academic Article Health plan members' views on forgiving medical errors.
Academic Article Disclosure of medical errors: what factors influence how patients respond?
Academic Article Assessing professionalism in the context of an objective structured clinical examination: an in-depth study of the rating process.
Academic Article A workshop for first-year medical students on communicating scientific information to patients.
Academic Article Patients' beliefs and preferences regarding doctors' medication recommendations.
Academic Article Using standardized patients to assess professionalism: a generalizability study.
Academic Article More than words: patients' views on apology and disclosure when things go wrong in cancer care.
Academic Article Health plan members' views about disclosure of medical errors.
Academic Article The relationship between checklist scores on a communication OSCE and analogue patients' perceptions of communication.
Academic Article The video-based test of communication skills: description, development, and preliminary findings.
Academic Article Patient education about anticoagulant medication: is narrative evidence or statistical evidence more effective?
Academic Article How patients perceive a doctor's caring attitude.
Academic Article The feasibility of a multi-format Web-based assessment of physicians' communication skills.
Academic Article Vaccine counseling: a content analysis of patient-physician discussions regarding human papilloma virus vaccine.
Academic Article Toward patient-centered cancer care: patient perceptions of problematic events, impact, and response.
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article Patients' and family members' views on patient-centered communication during cancer care.
Academic Article Assessing patient-centered communication in cancer care: stakeholder perspectives.
Academic Article Enhancement of the assessment of physician-patient communication skills in the United States Medical Licensing Examination.
Academic Article The association between health literacy and cancer-related attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge.
Academic Article Development and evaluation of a risk communication curriculum for medical students.

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