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Academic Article Coronary arterial dimension-to-left ventricular mass ratio in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.
Academic Article Influence of age on assessment of diastolic function by Doppler tissue imaging.
Academic Article Evaluation of extent of shortening versus velocity of shortening at the endocardium and midwall in hypertensive heart disease.
Academic Article Heart failure in the "oldest old": clinical and echocardiographic insights.
Academic Article Left ventricular response to mitral regurgitation: implications for management.
Academic Article A syndrome of transient left ventricular apical wall motion abnormality in the absence of coronary disease: a perspective from the United States.
Academic Article Reduced left ventricular systolic pump performance and depressed myocardial contractile function in patients > 65 years of age with normal ejection fraction and a high relative wall thickness.
Academic Article Analysis of left ventricular systolic function using midwall mechanics in patients >60 years of age with hypertensive heart disease and heart failure.
Academic Article Direct ultrasound measurement of longitudinal, circumferential, and radial strain using 2-dimensional strain imaging in normal adults.
Academic Article Cardiac mechanics in mild hypertensive heart disease: a speckle-strain imaging study.
Academic Article Noninvasive assessment of left ventricular mass, chamber volume, and contractile function.
Academic Article Effect of critical coronary stenosis on regional function of a segment remote from the acute ischemic bed.
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