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Academic Background

DPhil, Oxford, 1993
Medical School
MBChB, University of Pretoria, South Africa, 1976
University of the Witwatersrand - Johannesburg Hospital
University of the Witwatersrand - Hillbrow, Baragwanath and Johannesburg

Clinical/Research Interests

Director, Heart Failure Wellness Center

Noninvasive Cardiology
Congestive Heart Failure

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Academic Article Recurrent syncope after successful aortic valve replacement.
Academic Article Coronary arterial dimension-to-left ventricular mass ratio in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.
Academic Article Aging reduces the cardioprotective effect of ischemic preconditioning in the rat heart.
Academic Article Radiation-associated valvular heart disease in Hodgkin's disease is associated with characteristic thickening and fibrosis of the aortic-mitral curtain.
Academic Article Adenosine mediates sustained adrenergic desensitization in the rat heart via activation of protein kinase C.
Academic Article Effects of chronic adenosine uptake blockade on adrenergic responsiveness and left ventricular chamber function in pressure overload hypertrophy in the rat.
Academic Article Influence of age on assessment of diastolic function by Doppler tissue imaging.
Academic Article B-type natriuretic peptide in the diagnosis of heart failure.
Academic Article Evaluation of extent of shortening versus velocity of shortening at the endocardium and midwall in hypertensive heart disease.
Academic Article The candesartan in heart failure-assessment of reduction in mortality and morbidity-preserved trial.
Academic Article The carvedilol or metoprolol European trial.
Academic Article Brain natriuretic peptide levels fall rapidly after cardioversion of atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm.
Academic Article Twenty year trends (1975-1995) in the incidence, in-hospital and long-term death rates associated with heart failure complicating acute myocardial infarction: a community-wide perspective.
Academic Article Nitric oxide donor therapy for patients with heart failure.
Academic Article Catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation in heart failure patients.
Academic Article Heart failure and shock complicating acute coronary syndromes.
Academic Article Use of nonpharmacologic treatment approaches in patients with heart failure.
Academic Article Worsening of mitral regurgitation secondary to ventricular pacing.
Academic Article Norepinephrine concentrations in the epicardial transudate reflect early changes in adrenergic activity in the isolated perfused heart.
Academic Article Use of disease-modifying therapies in patients hospitalized with heart failure: a population-based perspective.
Academic Article Adenosine A1 receptor expression during the transition from compensated pressure overload hypertrophy to heart failure.
Academic Article Long-term survival after heart failure: a contemporary population-based perspective.
Academic Article Heart failure in the "oldest old": clinical and echocardiographic insights.
Academic Article Left ventricular response to mitral regurgitation: implications for management.
Academic Article Risk factors and comorbidities in a community-wide sample of patients hospitalized with acute systolic or diastolic heart failure: the Worcester Heart Failure Study.
Academic Article Anemia in heart failure.
Academic Article Usefulness of clinical variables, echocardiography, and levels of brain natriuretic peptide and norepinephrine to distinguish systolic and diastolic causes of acute heart failure.
Academic Article A syndrome of transient left ventricular apical wall motion abnormality in the absence of coronary disease: a perspective from the United States.
Academic Article Reduced left ventricular systolic pump performance and depressed myocardial contractile function in patients > 65 years of age with normal ejection fraction and a high relative wall thickness.
Academic Article Trends in mortality attributed to heart failure in Worcester, Massachusetts, 1992 to 2001.
Academic Article Incidence and hospital death rates associated with heart failure: a community-wide perspective.
Academic Article Analysis of left ventricular systolic function using midwall mechanics in patients >60 years of age with hypertensive heart disease and heart failure.
Academic Article Direct ultrasound measurement of longitudinal, circumferential, and radial strain using 2-dimensional strain imaging in normal adults.
Academic Article Mortality in diastolic heart failure: an update.
Academic Article Cardiac mechanics in mild hypertensive heart disease: a speckle-strain imaging study.
Academic Article The conundrum of worsening renal function and optimal volume status in patients with acute decompensated heart failure.
Academic Article Alterations in early filling dynamics predict the progression of compensated pressure overload hypertrophy to heart failure better than abnormalities in midwall systolic shortening.
Academic Article Noninvasive assessment of left ventricular mass, chamber volume, and contractile function.
Academic Article Effect of critical coronary stenosis on regional function of a segment remote from the acute ischemic bed.
Concept Heart Failure, Systolic
Concept Heart
Concept Heart Valve Prosthesis Implantation
Concept Heart Failure
Concept Heart Rate
Concept Heart Failure, Diastolic
Concept Heart Valve Prosthesis
Concept Heart Ventricles
Concept Heart Valve Diseases
Concept Heart Diseases
Concept Heart Function Tests
Academic Article Usefulness of pancreatitis-associated protein, a novel biomarker, to predict severity of disease in ambulatory patients with heart failure.
Academic Article Decision-making under uncertainty in advanced heart failure.
Academic Article Cardiorenal syndrome: misgivings about treatment options, clarity on prognosis.
Academic Article Creating and Maintaining a Successful Service Line in an Academic Medical Center at the Dawn of Value-Based Care: Lessons Learned From the Heart and Vascular Service Line at UMass Memorial Health Care.
Academic Article Risk of heart failure with dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Academic Article Mitoxantrone-Induced Cardiotoxicity in Acute Myeloid Leukemia-A Velocity Vector Imaging Analysis.
Academic Article Impedance to retrograde and forward flow in chronic mitral regurgitation and the physiology of a double outlet ventricle.
Academic Article Secondary mitral regurgitation (part 1): volumetric quantification and analysis.
Academic Article Secondary mitral regurgitation (part 2): deliberations on mitral surgery and transcatheter repair.
Academic Article Bioimpedance-Based Heart Failure Deterioration Prediction Using a Prototype Fluid Accumulation Vest-Mobile Phone Dyad: An Observational Study.
Academic Article A dramatic example of pseudodyskinesis of the left ventricle.
Academic Article High-Output Heart Failure in a Patient With Klippel-Tr?naunay Syndrome: A Case Report.
Academic Article Perspectives on Secondary Mitral Regurgitation in Heart Failure.
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