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Academic Article Genetic patterns of correlation among subcortical volumes in humans: results from a magnetic resonance imaging twin study.
Academic Article Genetic influences on cortical regionalization in the human brain.
Academic Article Hierarchical genetic organization of human cortical surface area.
Academic Article Distinct genetic influences on cortical surface area and cortical thickness.
Academic Article Cortical thickness is influenced by regionally specific genetic factors.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental contributions to regional cortical surface area in humans: a magnetic resonance imaging twin study.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences of white and gray matter signal contrast: a new phenotype for imaging genetics?
Academic Article A comparison of heritability maps of cortical surface area and thickness and the influence of adjustment for whole brain measures: a magnetic resonance imaging twin study.
Concept Cerebral Cortex
Academic Article Genetic topography of brain morphology.
Academic Article Does degree of gyrification underlie the phenotypic and genetic associations between cortical surface area and cognitive ability?
Academic Article The Genetic Association Between Neocortical Volume and General Cognitive Ability Is Driven by Global Surface Area Rather Than Thickness.
Academic Article Is bigger always better? The importance of cortical configuration with respect to cognitive ability.
Academic Article Genetic and environmental influences on cortical mean diffusivity.
Academic Article Genetic relatedness of axial and radial diffusivity indices of cerebral white matter microstructure in late middle age.
Academic Article Body mass trajectories and cortical thickness in middle-aged men: a 42-year longitudinal study starting in young adulthood.
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