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Academic Article Maintenance of lightweight correlates with decreased cardiovascular risk factors in early adolescence.
Academic Article Does menarche mark a period of elevated resting metabolic rate?
Academic Article Relationship of physical fitness to prevalence and incidence of overweight among schoolchildren.
Academic Article Adolescent obesity and risk for subsequent major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder: prospective evidence.
Academic Article Externalizing behavior in early childhood and body mass index from age 2 to 12 years: longitudinal analyses of a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Acculturation and gestational weight gain in a predominantly Puerto Rican population.
Academic Article Development of a pediatric cariogenicity index.
Academic Article Relationship of childhood behavior disorders to weight gain from childhood into adulthood.
Academic Article Racial differences in central adiposity in a longitudinal cohort of black and white adolescent females.
Academic Article Hostility and adiposity mediate disparities in insulin resistance among adolescents and young adults.
Academic Article Independent effects of age-related changes in waist circumference and BMI z scores in predicting cardiovascular disease risk factors in a prospective cohort of adolescent females.
Academic Article Depressive symptoms in severely obese compared with normal weight adolescents: results from a community-based longitudinal study.
Academic Article Occurrence and timing of childhood overweight and mortality: findings from the Third Harvard Growth Study.
Concept Cohort Studies
Academic Article Obesity in pediatric ALL survivors: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article The role of eating frequency on total energy intake and diet quality in a low-income, racially diverse sample of schoolchildren.
Academic Article Trajectory of body shape across the lifespan and cancer risk.
Academic Article Trajectory of body shape in early and middle life and all cause and cause specific mortality: results from two prospective US cohort studies.

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