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Academic Article Work-related upper-extremity disorders and work disability: clinical and psychosocial presentation.
Academic Article The ADA and you. Implications for the occupational health professional.
Academic Article Development of a multidisciplinary research clinic for patients with work-related upper extremity disorders.
Academic Article Work-related tetraplegia: cause of injury and annual medical costs.
Academic Article Genetically and medically susceptible workers.
Academic Article Early disability risk factors for low back pain assessed at outpatient occupational health clinics.
Academic Article Prognosis and the identification of workers risking disability: research issues and directions for future research.
Academic Article Initial patient and clinician expectations of return to work after acute onset of work-related low back pain.
Academic Article The impact of procedure type, jurisdiction and other factors in workers' compensation on work-disability outcomes following carpal tunnel surgery.
Academic Article Psychosocial differences between high-risk acute vs. chronic low back pain patients.
Academic Article Illness and the workplace: a study of physicians and employers.
Academic Article The Back Disability Risk Questionnaire for work-related, acute back pain: prediction of unresolved problems at 3-month follow-up.
Academic Article Validation of a risk factor-based intervention strategy model using data from the readiness for return to work cohort study.
Academic Article Iatrogenic disability and narcotics addiction after lumbar fusion in a worker's compensation claimant.
Academic Article The effect of body mass index on recovery and return to work after onset of work-related low back pain.
Academic Article Improving the physician role in evaluating work ability and managing disability: a survey of primary care practitioners.
Academic Article Risk factors for recurrent episodes of care and work disability: case of low back pain.
Academic Article The physician as disability advisor for patients with musculoskeletal complaints.
Academic Article Length of disability prognosis in acute occupational low back pain: development and testing of a practical approach.
Academic Article Patient clusters in acute, work-related back pain based on patterns of disability risk factors.
Academic Article Return to work-from research to practice.
Academic Article What is different about workers' compensation patients? Socioeconomic predictors of baseline disability status among patients with lumbar radiculopathy.
Academic Article Does the presence of psychosocial "yellow flags" alter patient-provider communication for work-related, acute low back pain?
Academic Article The impact of workers' compensation on outcomes of surgical and nonoperative therapy for patients with a lumbar disc herniation: SPORT.
Academic Article Back pain and work.
Academic Article Early intervention options for acute low back pain patients: a randomized clinical trial with one-year follow-up outcomes.
Academic Article The course of opioid prescribing for a new episode of disabling low back pain: opioid features and dose escalation.
Academic Article The effects of patient-provider communication on 3-month recovery from acute low back pain.
Academic Article Work disability prevention research: current and future prospects.
Academic Article Distressed, immobilized, or lacking employer support? A sub-classification of acute work-related low back pain.
Concept Disability Evaluation
Academic Article Iatrogenic consequences of early magnetic resonance imaging in acute, work-related, disabling low back pain.
Academic Article The cascade of medical services and associated longitudinal costs due to nonadherent magnetic resonance imaging for low back pain.
Academic Article When the wind goes out of the sail - declining recovery expectations in the first weeks of back pain.
Academic Article Examining the Relationship Between Productivity Loss Trajectories and Work Disability Outcomes Using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics.
Academic Article Length of Disability and Medical Costs in Low Back Pain: Do State Workers' Compensation Policies Make a Difference?
Academic Article Relationship Between Age, Tenure, and Disability Duration in Persons With Compensated Work-Related Conditions.
Academic Article Extent and Impact of Opioid Prescribing for Acute Occupational Low Back Pain in the Emergency Department.
Academic Article Lag times in the work disability process: Differences across diagnoses in the length of disability following work-related injury.
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