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My research focuses on disability prevention strategies, enhancing recovery in musculoskeletal disorders, health care effectiveness, work disability in older workers, and methods to achieve safe and sustained return to work.  Research methods include health data and claims analysis, qualitative and quantitative observational studies, geospatial and multilevel analyses, and intervention studies.  Specific topics include health care for injured workers, outcomes in low back pain and other common musculoskeletal injuries, return to work in persons with health-related work disability, variations in care, and impacts of evidence-based medicine.  Most of my studies are conducted with academic collabortors in the US, Europe and Australia.

I am an associate professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and a Visiting Lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Massachusetts/Lowell.  From 1999 to 2017, I directed the Center for Disability Research at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute in Hopkinton, MA.  I co-founded the Work Disability Prevention and Integration Scientific Section of the International Congress on Occupational Health.

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Academic Article Work-related upper-extremity disorders and work disability: clinical and psychosocial presentation.
Academic Article Occupational risks and injuries in non-agricultural immigrant Latino workers.
Academic Article Occupational upper extremity conditions: a detailed analysis of work-related outcomes.
Academic Article Employer attitudes, training, and return-to-work outcomes: a pilot study.
Academic Article Work-related tetraplegia: cause of injury and annual medical costs.
Academic Article Services provided following compensable work-related tetraplegia.
Academic Article Outcomes in work-related injuries: a comparison of older and younger workers.
Academic Article Early retirement due to occupational injury: who is at risk?
Academic Article Injuries at work in the US adult population: contributions to the total injury burden.
Academic Article Factors affecting the organizational responses of employers to workers with injuries.
Academic Article Outcomes in work-related upper extremity and low back injuries: results of a retrospective study.
Academic Article Blurring the distinctions between on and off the job injuries: similarities and differences in circumstances.
Academic Article Initial patient and clinician expectations of return to work after acute onset of work-related low back pain.
Academic Article Work-related outcomes in occupational low back pain: a multidimensional analysis.
Academic Article Stress and work-related upper extremity disorders: implications for prevention and management.
Academic Article Employee perspectives on the role of supervisors to prevent workplace disability after injuries.
Academic Article A controlled case study of supervisor training to optimize response to injury in the food processing industry.
Academic Article Training to optimize the response of supervisors to work injuries--needs assessment, design, and evaluation.
Academic Article Patient clusters in acute, work-related back pain based on patterns of disability risk factors.
Academic Article Understanding the role of sex differences in work injuries: implications for primary care practice.
Academic Article Factors associated with retirement-related job lock in older workers with recent occupational injury.
Academic Article Exploring extensions to working life: job lock and predictors of decreasing work function in older workers.
Academic Article Multi-faceted case management: reducing compensation costs of musculoskeletal work injuries in Australia.
Concept Arm Injuries
Concept Injury Severity Score
Concept Back Injuries
Concept Spinal Cord Injuries
Concept Hand Injuries
Concept Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Concept Wounds and Injuries
Academic Article Lag Times in Reporting Injuries, Receiving Medical Care, and Missing Work: Associations With the Length of Work Disability in Occupational Back Injuries.
Academic Article Relationship Between Age, Tenure, and Disability Duration in Persons With Compensated Work-Related Conditions.
Academic Article Implementation Science and Employer Disability Practices: Embedding Implementation Factors in Research Designs.
Academic Article Employer Policies and Practices to Manage and Prevent Disability: Foreword to the Special Issue.
Academic Article Impact of a Safe Resident Handling Program in Nursing Homes on Return-to-Work and Re-injury Outcomes Following Work Injury.
Academic Article Lag times in the work disability process: Differences across diagnoses in the length of disability following work-related injury.
Concept Occupational Injuries
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