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Academic Article Frey syndrome: treatment with temporoparietal fascia flap interposition.
Academic Article Postoperative adverse events of common surgical procedures in the Medicare population.
Academic Article Validity of selected Patient Safety Indicators: opportunities and concerns.
Academic Article How valid is the AHRQ Patient Safety Indicator "postoperative respiratory failure"?
Academic Article Validity of the AHRQ Patient Safety Indicator "central venous catheter-related bloodstream infections".
Academic Article How valid is the AHRQ Patient Safety Indicator "postoperative physiologic and metabolic derangement"?
Academic Article Applying trigger tools to detect adverse events associated with outpatient surgery.
Academic Article Is development of postoperative venous thromboembolism related to thromboprophylaxis use? A case-control study in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Development and testing of tools to detect ambulatory surgical adverse events.
Academic Article Validity of selected AHRQ patient safety indicators based on VA National Surgical Quality Improvement Program data.
Academic Article Hospital teaching intensity, patient race, and surgical outcomes.
Academic Article Using administrative data to identify surgical adverse events: an introduction to the Patient Safety Indicators.
Academic Article Positive predictive value of the AHRQ Patient Safety Indicator "Postoperative Sepsis": implications for practice and policy.
Academic Article Detecting patient safety indicators: How valid is "foreign body left during procedure" in the Veterans Health Administration?
Academic Article Excess costs attributable to postoperative complications.
Academic Article Automated identification of postoperative complications within an electronic medical record using natural language processing.
Academic Article Improving identification of postoperative respiratory failure missed by the patient safety indicator algorithm.
Academic Article The importance of severity of illness adjustment in predicting adverse outcomes in the Medicare population.
Concept Postoperative Complications
Academic Article [Aggressive surgical treatment for cholangiocarcinoma].
Academic Article Using AHRQ patient safety indicators to detect postdischarge adverse events in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Detecting adverse events in surgery: comparing events detected by the Veterans Health Administration Surgical Quality Improvement Program and the Patient Safety Indicators.
Academic Article Using a virtual breakthrough series collaborative to reduce postoperative respiratory failure in 16 Veterans Health Administration hospitals.
Academic Article Measuring readmissions after surgery: do different methods tell the same story?
Academic Article Postoperative 30-day Readmission: Time to Focus on What Happens Outside the Hospital.
Academic Article Surgeons' Disclosures of Clinical Adverse Events.
Academic Article Postoperative Venous Thromboembolism in Patients Undergoing Abdominal Surgery for IBD: A Common but Rarely Addressed Problem.
Academic Article Does Surveillance Bias Influence the Validity of Measures of Inpatient Complications? A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Association of Postoperative Readmissions With Surgical Quality Using a Delphi Consensus Process to Identify Relevant Diagnosis Codes.
Academic Article Quality Comes with the (Anatomic) Territory: Evaluating the Impact of Surgeon Operative Mix on Patient Outcomes After Pancreaticoduodenectomy.
Academic Article The Patient Safety Indicator Perioperative Pulmonary Embolism or Deep Vein Thrombosis: Is there associated surveillance bias in the Veterans Health Administration?
Academic Article Improving detection of intraoperative medical errors (iMEs) and intraoperative adverse events (iAEs) and their contribution to postoperative outcomes.
Academic Article Homeless Status, Postdischarge Health Care Utilization, and Readmission After Surgery.
Academic Article Caprini Risk Model Decreases Venous Thromboembolism Rates in Thoracic Surgery Cancer Patients.
Academic Article The Nature and Severity of Adverse Events in Select Outpatient Surgical Procedures in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Association Between Preoperative Proteinuria and Postoperative Acute Kidney Injury and Readmission.
Academic Article Development of an Adverse Event Surveillance Model for Outpatient Surgery in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Comparison of a Potential Hospital Quality Metric With Existing Metrics for Surgical Quality-Associated Readmission.
Academic Article Emergency Department Use After Outpatient Surgery Among Dually Enrolled VA and Medicare Patients.
Academic Article Comparing cataract surgery complication rates in veterans receiving VA and community care.
Academic Article Disparities in Utilization of Ambulatory Cholecystectomy: Results From Three States.
Academic Article Comparing Postoperative Readmission Rates Between Veterans Receiving Total Knee Arthroplasty in the Veterans Health Administration Versus Community Care.
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