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Rotation Projects

Potential Rotation Projects

Research in the Munson lab is focused on biochemical/biophysical and cell biological characterization of proteins in the exocyst complex. Potential rotation projects include the following:

  • Cloning of various exocyst protein domains and point mutations. These will be expressed in E. coli for biochemical/structural studies, and their functions tested in yeast.
  • Protein expression and purification. Develop purification strategies for several exocyst proteins and their domains, using chromatography methods such as ion exchange and gel filtration (Fig. 2).
  • Characterization of the purified exocyst proteins. Protein structure, stability, oligomerization state and protein:protein interactions will be monitored by such techniques as circular dichroism, analytical ultracentrifugation and gel filtration (Fig. 3).
  • Crystallography. We have determined the structure of the C-terminal domain of Sec6p (Fig. 4). Crystallization trials ofotherexocyst proteins and their domains are in progress.
  • Design and test functional exocyst mutants in yeast. Mutants will be characterized using a variety of biochemical, cell biological, and microscopic techniques.
  • Identify novel regulators of yeast exocytosis using a genetic screen. Mutants created in these screens are currently being tested and identified (Fig. 5). Their role in exocytosis will be explored

Gel Filtration Curve Circular dichroism spectrum

Structure of the C-terminal domain of Sec6pMutant yeast cannot lose the covering plasmid (red)

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