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Academic Article Comparison of pharmacologic stress agents.
Academic Article Effects of acute ischemia and reperfusion on the myocardial kinetics of technetium 99m-labeled tetrofosmin and thallium-201.
Academic Article Design and baseline characteristics of the Veterans Affairs Non-Q-Wave Infarction Strategies In-Hospital (VANQWISH) trial. VANQWISH Trial Research Investigators.
Academic Article Direct detection of regional myocardial ischemia with technetium-99m nitroimidazole in rabbits.
Academic Article Myocardial uptake of thallium 201 and technetium 99m-labeled sestamibi after ischemia and reperfusion: comparison by quantitative dual-tracer autoradiography in rabbits.
Academic Article "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen".
Academic Article The effect of ischemic injury on the cardiac transport of Tc-99m N-NOET in the isolated rabbit heart.
Academic Article Initial clinical experience with regadenoson, a novel selective A2A agonist for pharmacologic stress single-photon emission computed tomography myocardial perfusion imaging.
Academic Article Comparison of teboroxime and thallium for the reversibility of exercise-induced myocardial perfusion defects.
Academic Article Prognostic value of dipyridamole thallium scintigraphy for evaluation of ischemic heart disease.
Academic Article The evaluation of ischemic heart disease thallium-210 with comments on radionuclide angiography.
Academic Article A method to evaluate tracer kinetics in small laboratory animals using a series of thermoluminescent dosimeters.
Academic Article Comparison of iodine-125-BMIPP and thallium-201 in myocardial hypoperfusion.
Academic Article Use of sequential teboroxime imaging for the detection of coronary artery occlusion and reperfusion in ischemic and infarcted myocardium.
Academic Article Noninvasive testing for silent myocardial ischemia in stable coronary patients.
Academic Article Rapid redistribution of teboroxime.
Concept Myocardial Ischemia
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