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Academic Article Yeast TAF(II)90 is required for cell-cycle progression through G2/M but not for general transcription activation.
Academic Article Yeast TAF(II)145 required for transcription of G1/S cyclin genes and regulated by the cellular growth state.
Academic Article Yeast TAF(II)145 functions as a core promoter selectivity factor, not a general coactivator.
Academic Article Transcription activation in cells lacking TAFIIS.
Academic Article Broad, but not universal, transcriptional requirement for yTAFII17, a histone H3-like TAFII present in TFIID and SAGA.
Academic Article Analysis of selective gene activation in yeast by differential display.
Academic Article Enhancement of TBP binding by activators and general transcription factors.
Academic Article Distinct classes of yeast promoters revealed by differential TAF recruitment.
Academic Article Promoter-specific activation defects by a novel yeast TBP mutant compromised for TFIIB interaction.
Academic Article Selective recruitment of TAFs by yeast upstream activating sequences. Implications for eukaryotic promoter structure.
Academic Article HIV-1 Tat stimulates transcription complex assembly through recruitment of TBP in the absence of TAFs.
Academic Article TBP-associated factors (TAFIIs): multiple, selective transcriptional mediators in common complexes.
Academic Article Initiation of zebrafish haematopoiesis by the TATA-box-binding protein-related factor Trf3.
Academic Article Targeting a TAF to make muscle.
Academic Article Differential requirement of SAGA components for recruitment of TATA-box-binding protein to promoters in vivo.
Academic Article Systematic analysis of essential yeast TAFs in genome-wide transcription and preinitiation complex assembly.
Academic Article TRF3, a TATA-box-binding protein-related factor, is vertebrate-specific and widely expressed.
Academic Article Yeast TAFIIS in a multisubunit complex required for activated transcription.
Academic Article The RNA polymerase I transcription factor, upstream binding factor, interacts directly with the TATA box-binding protein.
Academic Article Selective interaction between Trf3 and Taf3 required for early development and hematopoiesis.
Academic Article Non-canonical TAF complexes regulate active promoters in human embryonic stem cells.
Academic Article Genome wide association analysis of a founder population identified TAF3 as a gene for MCHC in humans.
Concept TATA-Box Binding Protein
Concept TATA-Binding Protein Associated Factors
Concept TATA Box Binding Protein-Like Proteins
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