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Academic Article Invited review: Exercise training-induced changes in insulin signaling in skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Skeletal muscle fiber type: influence on contractile and metabolic properties.
Academic Article Exercise-induced phosphorylation of the novel Akt substrates AS160 and filamin A in human skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Interdependence of AMPK and SIRT1 for metabolic adaptation to fasting and exercise in skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Metabolic and mitogenic signal transduction in human skeletal muscle after intense cycling exercise.
Academic Article Exercise metabolism and the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle adaptation.
Academic Article Exercise-induced protein kinase C isoform-specific activation in human skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Sending the signal: molecular mechanisms regulating glucose uptake.
Academic Article Differential expression of peroxisomal proliferator activated receptors alpha and delta in skeletal muscle in response to changes in diet and exercise.
Academic Article Low-intensity exercise increases skeletal muscle protein expression of PPARdelta and UCP3 in type 2 diabetic patients.
Academic Article Divergent cell signaling after short-term intensified endurance training in human skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Mitochondrial regulators of fatty acid metabolism reflect metabolic dysfunction in type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Academic Article Acute exercise remodels promoter methylation in human skeletal muscle.
Concept Exercise Therapy
Concept Exercise
Concept Exercise Test
Concept Exercise Tolerance
Academic Article AMP-activated protein kinase regulates nicotinamide phosphoribosyl transferase expression in skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Time course analysis reveals gene-specific transcript and protein kinetics of adaptation to short-term aerobic exercise training in human skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Dynamic epigenetic responses to muscle contraction.
Academic Article Changes in gene expression in responders and nonresponders to a low-intensity walking intervention.
Academic Article Looking Ahead Perspective: Where Will the Future of Exercise Biology Take Us?
Academic Article Integrative biology of exercise.
Academic Article Metabolism. Exercise remodels subcutaneous fat tissue and improves metabolism.
Academic Article Influence of physical activity and gender on arterial function in type 2 diabetes, normal and impaired glucose tolerance.
Academic Article Diacylglycerol kinase-d regulates AMPK signaling, lipid metabolism, and skeletal muscle energetics.
Academic Article Exercise Promotes Healthy Aging of Skeletal Muscle.
Academic Article SnapShot: Exercise Metabolism.
Academic Article Direct effects of exercise on kynurenine metabolism in people with normal glucose tolerance or type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Enhanced Muscle Insulin Sensitivity After Contraction/Exercise Is Mediated by AMPK.
Academic Article Altered miR-29 Expression in Type 2 Diabetes Influences Glucose and Lipid Metabolism in Skeletal Muscle.
Academic Article Skeletal Muscle Insulin Sensitivity Show Circadian Rhythmicity Which Is Independent of Exercise Training Status.
Academic Article Afternoon exercise is more efficacious than morning exercise at improving blood glucose levels in individuals with type 2 diabetes: a randomised crossover trial.
Academic Article The Limits of Exercise Physiology: From Performance to Health.
Academic Article Interplay between diet, exercise and the molecular circadian clock in orchestrating metabolic adaptations of adipose tissue.
Academic Article Circadian rhythms and exercise - re-setting the clock in metabolic disease.
Academic Article Time of Exercise Specifies the Impact on Muscle Metabolic Pathways and Systemic Energy Homeostasis.
Academic Article Transcriptomic profiling of skeletal muscle adaptations to exercise and inactivity.
Academic Article Train like an athlete: applying exercise interventions to manage type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article The Comparative Methylome and Transcriptome After Change of Direction Compared to Straight Line Running Exercise in Human Skeletal Muscle.
Academic Article Endurance exercise training-responsive miR-19b-3p improves skeletal muscle glucose metabolism.
Academic Article Post-translational Modifications: The Signals at the Intersection of Exercise, Glucose Uptake, and Insulin Sensitivity.
Academic Article Atlas of exercise metabolism reveals time-dependent signatures of metabolic homeostasis.
Academic Article Distinctive exercise-induced inflammatory response and exerkine induction in skeletal muscle of people with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Exercise timing influences multi-tissue metabolome and skeletal muscle proteome profiles in type 2 diabetic patients - A randomized crossover trial.
Academic Article Protocol to assess arteriovenous differences across the liver and hindlimb muscles in mice following treadmill exercise.
Academic Article Exercise metabolism and adaptation in skeletal muscle.
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