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Academic Article The mechanism of ATP-dependent primer-template recognition by a clamp loader complex.
Academic Article How a DNA polymerase clamp loader opens a sliding clamp.
Academic Article Functional modulation of a protein folding landscape via side-chain distortion.
Academic Article The 0.83 A resolution crystal structure of alpha-lytic protease reveals the detailed structure of the active site and identifies a source of conformational strain.
Academic Article Structural and mechanistic exploration of acid resistance: kinetic stability facilitates evolution of extremophilic behavior.
Academic Article Mesophile versus thermophile: insights into the structural mechanisms of kinetic stability.
Academic Article Clamp loader ATPases and the evolution of DNA replication machinery.
Concept Models, Molecular
Academic Article The ssDNA Mutator APOBEC3A Is Regulated by Cooperative Dimerization.
Academic Article Structure and mechanism of the ATPase that powers viral genome packaging.
Academic Article A Disease-Causing Variant in PCNA Disrupts a Promiscuous Protein Binding Site.
Academic Article The large terminase DNA packaging motor grips DNA with its ATPase domain for cleavage by the flexible nuclease domain.
Academic Article Substrate sequence selectivity of APOBEC3A implicates intra-DNA interactions.
Academic Article Crystal structure of APOBEC3A bound to single-stranded DNA reveals structural basis for cytidine deamination and specificity.
Academic Article A Hyperthermophilic Phage Decoration Protein Suggests Common Evolutionary Origin with Herpesvirus Triplex Proteins and an Anti-CRISPR Protein.
Academic Article Principles for enhancing virus capsid capacity and stability from a thermophilic virus capsid structure.
Academic Article Exploring the Evolutionary History of Kinetic Stability in the a-Lytic Protease Family.
Academic Article Conformational dynamics control assembly of an extremely long bacteriophage tail tube.
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