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Develop and characterize novel RNA chemistries to promote efficient oligonucleotide internalization and tissue distribution.

Oligonucleotides represent a new class of drugs, which have the promise to become a major class of future therapeutics. There are several chemistries and formulations developed by us and others that effectively support oligo internalization and favorable PK/PD. In most cases in vivo efficacy is limited by (1) poor PK (2) inefficient tissue distribution (3) compound entrapment in biologically inactive intracellular compartments.
The objective of future studies will be development of novel chemistries, which promote receptor mediated cellular internalization and/ or endosomal escape. The successful candidate will be responsible for the design and synthesis of novel RNA precursors, optimization of RNA synthesis and conjugation protocols and interface with the biology part of the lab. In addition, exposure to pre-clinical development programs and oligonucleotide manufacturing will be available.

 QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants must have (or expect to obtain shortly) a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology or a related field , be bright, ambitious, independent and collaborative and have previous experience in nucleic acid / oligonucleotide chemistry.

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Academic Article Functional siRNAs and miRNAs exhibit strand bias.
Concept RNA Precursors

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