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Academic Article Ligand linked assembly of Scapharca dimeric hemoglobin.
Academic Article The high resolution crystal structure of deoxyhemoglobin S.
Academic Article Crystal structure of deoxy-human hemoglobin beta6 Glu --> Trp. Implications for the structure and formation of the sickle cell fiber.
Academic Article Mutational destabilization of the critical interface water cluster in Scapharca dimeric hemoglobin: structural basis for altered allosteric activity.
Academic Article The 2.7 A crystal structure of deoxygenated hemoglobin from the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus): structural basis for a lowered oxygen affinity and Bohr effect.
Academic Article Crystal structure of the hemoglobin dodecamer from Lumbricus erythrocruorin: allosteric core of giant annelid respiratory complexes.
Academic Article X-Ray crystal structure and molecular dynamics simulations of silver hake parvalbumin (Isoform B).
Academic Article Allosteric action in real time: time-resolved crystallographic studies of a cooperative dimeric hemoglobin.
Academic Article Competition between Ski and CREB-binding protein for binding to Smad proteins in transforming growth factor-beta signaling.
Academic Article Cooperative hemoglobins: conserved fold, diverse quaternary assemblies and allosteric mechanisms.
Academic Article Ligand migration and binding in the dimeric hemoglobin of Scapharca inaequivalvis.
Academic Article A cooperative hemoglobin with directly communicating hemes. The Scapharca inaequivalvis homodimer.
Academic Article Time-resolved x-ray crystallography of heme proteins.
Academic Article Contribution of Ser386 and Ser396 to activation of interferon regulatory factor 3.
Academic Article Insights into interferon regulatory factor activation from the crystal structure of dimeric IRF5.
Academic Article Structural transitions upon ligand binding in a cooperative dimeric hemoglobin.
Academic Article Restricting the ligand-linked heme movement in Scapharca dimeric hemoglobin reveals tight coupling between distal and proximal contributions to cooperativity.
Academic Article Crystal structure of the APOBEC3G catalytic domain reveals potential oligomerization interfaces.
Academic Article The 2.4-A crystal structure of Scapharca dimeric hemoglobin. Cooperativity based on directly communicating hemes at a novel subunit interface.
Academic Article Cooperative macromolecular device revealed by meta-analysis of static and time-resolved structures.
Academic Article Ligand-linked structural transitions in crystals of a cooperative dimeric hemoglobin.
Academic Article Principles in the assembly of annelid erythrocruorins.
Academic Article Cooperative dimeric and tetrameric clam haemoglobins are novel assemblages of myoglobin folds.
Academic Article The 2.0 A crystal structure of Scapharca tetrameric hemoglobin: cooperative dimers within an allosteric tetramer.
Academic Article Crystal structure of oxygenated Scapharca dimeric hemoglobin at 1.7-A resolution.
Academic Article Ligand binding and conformation change in the dimeric hemoglobin of the clam Scapharca inaequivalvis.
Academic Article Residue F4 plays a key role in modulating oxygen affinity and cooperativity in Scapharca dimeric hemoglobin.
Academic Article Low resolution crystal structure of Arenicola erythrocruorin: influence of coiled coils on the architecture of a megadalton respiratory protein.
Academic Article Ligand migration and cavities within Scapharca Dimeric HbI: studies by time-resolved crystallo-graphy, Xe binding, and computational analysis.
Academic Article Structural insights into interferon regulatory factor activation.
Academic Article High-resolution crystallographic analysis of a co-operative dimeric hemoglobin.
Concept Models, Molecular
Academic Article Tertiary and quaternary allostery in tetrameric hemoglobin from Scapharca inaequivalvis.
Academic Article Crystal structures of human CtBP in complex with substrate MTOB reveal active site features useful for inhibitor design.
Academic Article Structure-guided design of a high affinity inhibitor to human CtBP.
Academic Article Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of substrate-competitive inhibitors of C-terminal Binding Protein (CtBP).
Academic Article Crystal structure of APOBEC3A bound to single-stranded DNA reveals structural basis for cytidine deamination and specificity.
Academic Article Assembly of human C-terminal binding protein (CtBP) into tetramers.
Academic Article Optimizing the refinement of merohedrally twinned P61 HIV-1 protease-inhibitor cocrystal structures.
Academic Article NAD(H) phosphates mediate tetramer assembly of human C-terminal binding protein (CtBP).
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