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Academic Article Attenuation compensation for cardiac single-photon emission computed tomographic imaging: Part 2. Attenuation compensation algorithms.
Academic Article Evaluation of right and left ventricular volume and ejection fraction using a mathematical cardiac torso phantom.
Academic Article Reducing the influence of the partial volume effect on SPECT activity quantitation with 3D modelling of spatial resolution in iterative reconstruction.
Academic Article Comparison of frequency-distance relationship and Gaussian-diffusion-based methods of compensation for distance-dependent spatial resolution in SPECT imaging.
Academic Article Attenuation compensation in 99mTc SPECT brain imaging: a comparison of the use of attenuation maps derived from transmission versus emission data in normal scans.
Academic Article Bone SPECT of the spine: a comparison of attenuation correction techniques.
Academic Article The effect of intrinsic attenuation correction methods on the stationarity of the 3-D modulation transfer function of SPECT.
Academic Article Channelized hotelling and human observer correlation for lesion detection in hepatic SPECT imaging.
Academic Article Comparing filtered backprojection and ordered-subsets expectation maximization for small-lesion detection and localization in 67Ga SPECT.
Academic Article Improved image quality and computation reduction in 4-D reconstruction of cardiac-gated SPECT images.
Academic Article LROC analysis of detector-response compensation in SPECT.
Academic Article Comparative evaluation of image segmentation methods for volume quantitation in SPECT.
Academic Article Estimation of attenuation maps from scatter and photopeak window single photon-emission computed tomographic images of technetium 99m-labeled sestamibi.
Academic Article Resolution recovery for list-mode reconstruction in SPECT.
Academic Article An iterative transmission algorithm incorporating cross-talk correction for SPECT.
Academic Article Quantitative myocardial perfusion SPECT.
Academic Article Introduction to the physics of molecular imaging with radioactive tracers in small animals.
Academic Article Assessment of scatter compensation strategies for (67)Ga SPECT using numerical observers and human LROC studies.
Academic Article Effects of scatter substraction on detection and quantitation in hepatic SPECT.
Academic Article A mathematical model of motion of the heart for use in generating source and attenuation maps for simulating emission imaging.
Academic Article An interior point iterative maximum-likelihood reconstruction algorithm incorporating upper and lower bounds with application to SPECT transmission imaging.
Academic Article Impact on reader performance for lesion-detection/ localization tasks of anatomical priors in SPECT reconstruction.
Academic Article Detectability of perfusion defect in five-dimensional gated-dynamic cardiac SPECT images.
Academic Article Estimation and correction of cardiac respiratory motion in SPECT in the presence of limited-angle effects due to irregular respiration.
Academic Article An investigation of the 3D modulation transfer function used in 3D post-reconstruction restoration filtering of SPECT imaging.
Academic Article 2D vs. 3D edge detection as a basis for volume quantitation in SPECT.
Academic Article Activity quantitation in SPECT: a study of prereconstruction Metz filtering and use of the scatter degradation factor.
Academic Article Simultaneous assessment of cardiac perfusion and function using 5-dimensional imaging with Tc-99m teboroxime.
Academic Article An evaluation of iterative reconstruction strategies based on mediastinal lesion detection using hybrid Ga-67 SPECT images.
Academic Article A quantitative study of motion estimation methods on 4D cardiac gated SPECT reconstruction.
Academic Article Stationary and nonstationary spatial domain Metz filtering.
Academic Article Constrained least-squares restoration of nuclear medicine images: selecting the coarseness function.
Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Academic Article An evaluation of data-driven motion estimation in comparison to the usage of external-surrogates in cardiac SPECT imaging.
Academic Article Use of MRI to assess the prediction of heart motion with gross body motion in myocardial perfusion imaging by stereotracking of markers on the body surface.
Academic Article Digital anthropomorphic phantoms of non-rigid human respiratory and voluntary body motion for investigating motion correction in emission imaging.
Academic Article Adaptation of the modified Bouc-Wen model to compensate for hysteresis in respiratory motion for the list-mode binning of cardiac SPECT and PET acquisitions: testing using MRI.
Academic Article Limited-angle effect compensation for respiratory binned cardiac SPECT.
Academic Article 4-D Reconstruction With Respiratory Correction for Gated Myocardial Perfusion SPECT.

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