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Academic Article An analytical approach for compensation of non-uniform attenuation in cardiac SPECT imaging.
Academic Article Comparison of frequency-distance relationship and Gaussian-diffusion-based methods of compensation for distance-dependent spatial resolution in SPECT imaging.
Academic Article Effect of filtering on the detection and localization of small Ga-67 lesions in thoracic single photon emission computed tomography images.
Academic Article Myocardial perfusion SPECT reconstruction: receiver operating characteristic comparison of CAD detection accuracy of filtered backprojection reconstruction with all of the clinical imaging information available to readers and solely stress slices iteratively reconstructed with combined compensation.
Academic Article Counting moles automatically from back images.
Academic Article Diminishing the impact of the partial volume effect in cardiac SPECT perfusion imaging.
Academic Article A flexible multicamera visual-tracking system for detecting and correcting motion-induced artifacts in cardiac SPECT slices.
Academic Article A quantitative evaluation study of four-dimensional gated cardiac SPECT reconstruction.
Academic Article Coping with perturbations to a layout somersault in tumbling.
Academic Article A comparison of human and model observers in multislice LROC studies.
Academic Article Use of three-dimensional Gaussian interpolation in the projector/backprojector pair of iterative reconstruction for compensation of known rigid-body motion in SPECT.
Academic Article Incorporation of system resolution compensation (RC) in the ordered-subset transmission (OSTR) algorithm for transmission imaging in SPECT.
Academic Article Reconstruction of dynamic gated cardiac SPECT.
Academic Article Effects of motion, attenuation, and scatter corrections on gated cardiac SPECT reconstruction.
Academic Article A quantitative study of motion estimation methods on 4D cardiac gated SPECT reconstruction.
Concept Reproducibility of Results
Academic Article Use of MRI to assess the prediction of heart motion with gross body motion in myocardial perfusion imaging by stereotracking of markers on the body surface.
Academic Article Evaluation of different respiratory gating schemes for cardiac SPECT.
Academic Article Improving perfusion defect detection with respiratory motion correction in cardiac SPECT at standard and reduced doses.
Academic Article Evaluation of the effect of reducing administered activity on assessment of function in cardiac gated SPECT.
Academic Article Mesh modeling of system geometry and anatomy phantoms for realistic GATE simulations and their inclusion in SPECT reconstruction.
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