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Academic Article Acute postischemic renormalization of the apparent diffusion coefficient of water is not associated with reversal of astrocytic swelling and neuronal shrinkage in rats.
Academic Article Emerging therapies for acute ischemic stroke: new therapies on trial.
Academic Article Characterizing the diffusion/perfusion mismatch in experimental focal cerebral ischemia.
Academic Article Effects of intravenous dimethyl sulfoxide on ischemia evolution in a rat permanent occlusion model.
Academic Article Comparison between coated vs. uncoated suture middle cerebral artery occlusion in the rat as assessed by perfusion/diffusion weighted imaging.
Academic Article Spectacular shrinking deficit: insights from multimodal magnetic resonance imaging after embolic middle cerebral artery occlusion in Sprague-Dawley rats.
Academic Article Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor delays PWI/DWI mismatch evolution and reduces final infarct volume in permanent-suture and embolic focal cerebral ischemia models in the rat.
Academic Article Applications of diffusion/perfusion magnetic resonance imaging in experimental and clinical aspects of stroke.
Academic Article Dynamic tracking of acute ischemic tissue fates using improved unsupervised ISODATA analysis of high-resolution quantitative perfusion and diffusion data.
Academic Article Partial-volume effect on ischemic tissue-fate delineation using quantitative perfusion and diffusion imaging on a rat stroke model.
Academic Article Perfusion and diffusion imaging in acute focal cerebral ischemia: temporal vs. spatial resolution.
Academic Article Comparison of ischemic lesion evolution in embolic versus mechanical middle cerebral artery occlusion in Sprague Dawley rats using diffusion and perfusion imaging.
Academic Article The ischemic penumbra: a new opportunity for neuroprotection.
Academic Article Characterizing tissue fate after transient cerebral ischemia of varying duration using quantitative diffusion and perfusion imaging.
Academic Article Differential recovery of behavioral status and brain function assessed with functional magnetic resonance imaging after mild traumatic brain injury in the rat.
Academic Article Normobaric hyperoxia and delayed tPA treatment in a rat embolic stroke model.
Academic Article Characterization of gadolinium-based dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion measurements in permanent and transient MCAO models with volumetric based validation by CASL.
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