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Academic Article Combining multispectral polarized light imaging and confocal microscopy for localization of nonmelanoma skin cancer.
Academic Article Delineating melanoma using multimodal polarized light imaging.
Academic Article Continuous wave terahertz transmission imaging of nonmelanoma skin cancers.
Academic Article Demarcation of nonmelanoma skin cancer margins in thick excisions using multispectral polarized light imaging.
Academic Article Identifying brain neoplasms using dye-enhanced multimodal confocal imaging.
Academic Article Multimodal optical imaging for detecting breast cancer.
Academic Article Dye-enhanced multimodal confocal imaging as a novel approach to intraoperative diagnosis of brain tumors.
Academic Article Delineating breast ductal carcinoma using combined dye-enhanced wide-field polarization imaging and optical coherence tomography.
Concept Molecular Imaging
Concept Radionuclide Imaging
Concept Terahertz Imaging
Academic Article Imaging of ex vivo nonmelanoma skin cancers in the optical and terahertz spectral regions optical and terahertz skin cancers imaging.
Academic Article Polarization-sensitive multimodal imaging for detecting breast cancer.
Academic Article Comparative evaluation of methylene blue and demeclocycline for enhancing optical contrast of gliomas in optical images.
Academic Article Demeclocycline as a contrast agent for detecting brain neoplasms using confocal microscopy.
Academic Article Wavelength optimized cross-polarized wide-field imaging for noninvasive and rapid evaluation of dermal structures.
Academic Article Polarization enhanced wide-field imaging for evaluating dermal changes caused by non-ablative fractional laser treatment.
Academic Article Multimodal imaging for nonmelanoma skin cancer margin delineation.
Academic Article Collagen disruption as a marker for basal cell carcinoma in presurgical margin detection.
Academic Article Optical mapping of nonmelanoma skin Cancers-A pilot clinical study.
Academic Article Multimodal quantitative imaging of brain cancer in cultured cells.
Academic Article Dual-Wavelength Optical Polarization Imaging for Detecting Skin Cancer Margins.
Academic Article Feasibility of dual-contrast fluorescence imaging of pathological breast tissues.
Concept Optical Imaging
Concept Multimodal Imaging
Academic Article Fluorescence Polarization Imaging of Methylene Blue Facilitates Quantitative Detection of Thyroid Cancer in Single Cells.
Academic Article Investigation of silk as a phantom material for ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging.
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