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Academic Article Can some upper extremity disorders be defined as work-related?
Academic Article Adjusting for the healthy worker selection effect in cross-sectional studies.
Academic Article Effects of an ergonomic training program on workers with video display units.
Academic Article A comparison of approaches to modeling the relationship between ergonomic exposures and upper extremity disorders.
Academic Article Shoulder disorders and postural stress in automobile assembly work.
Academic Article Validity of fixed-interval observations for postural assessment in construction work.
Academic Article Covariation between workplace physical and psychosocial stressors: evidence and implications for occupational health research and prevention.
Academic Article Ergonomic stressors and upper extremity disorders in vehicle manufacturing: cross sectional exposure-response trends.
Academic Article Making sense of highway construction: a taxonomic framework for ergonomic exposure assessment and intervention research.
Academic Article The relationship of unions to prevalence and claim filing for work-related upper-extremity musculoskeletal disorders.
Academic Article Musculoskeletal disorders in visual display unit work: gender and work demands.
Academic Article Evaluation of interrater reliability for posture observations in a field study.
Academic Article Ergonomic stressors and upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders in automobile manufacturing: a one year follow up study.
Academic Article Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in union ironworkers.
Academic Article Pressure pain thresholds and musculoskeletal morbidity in automobile manufacturing workers.
Academic Article Medium- and long-term reproducibility of self-reported exposure to physical ergonomics factors at work.
Academic Article Risk factors for neck and shoulder disorders: a nested case-control study covering a 24-year period.
Academic Article Commentary on the scientific basis of the proposed Occupational Safety and Health Administration Ergonomics Program Standard.
Academic Article Effects of drop out in a longitudinal study of musculoskeletal disorders.
Academic Article Physical ergonomic hazards in highway tunnel construction: overview from the Construction Occupational Health Program.
Academic Article University students' notebook computer use: lessons learned using e-diaries to report musculoskeletal discomfort.
Academic Article Work-related musculoskeletal disorders: the epidemiologic evidence and the debate.
Academic Article Ergonomics: applying what we know.
Academic Article Digital vibration threshold testing and ergonomic stressors in automobile manufacturing workers: a cross-sectional assessment.
Academic Article Reliable exposure assessment strategies for physical ergonomics stressors in construction and other non-routinized work.
Academic Article Work routinization and implications for ergonomic exposure assessment.
Academic Article Recall of prior musculoskeletal pain.
Academic Article Work-related musculoskeletal disorders: is the burden equitably distributed?
Academic Article Agreement between a self-administered questionnaire on musculoskeletal disorders of the neck-shoulder region and a physical examination.
Academic Article Specific and non-specific upper extremity musculoskeletal disorder syndromes in automobile manufacturing workers.
Academic Article Occupational injury disparities in the US hotel industry.
Academic Article Violence at the workplace increases the risk of musculoskeletal pain among nursing home workers.
Concept Musculoskeletal Diseases
Academic Article Musculoskeletal disorders and occupational exposures: how should we judge the evidence concerning the causal association?
Academic Article Musculoskeletal disorder symptoms in correction officers: why do they increase rapidly with job tenure?
Academic Article Occupational health of home care aides: results of the safe home care survey.
Academic Article Does drywall installers' innovative idea reduce the ergonomic exposures of ceiling installation: A field case study.
Academic Article Claim Costs, Musculoskeletal Health, and Work Exposure in Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, and Occupational Therapist Assistants: A Comparison Among Long-Term Care Jobs.
Academic Article Biomechanical Exposure to Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorder Risk Factors in Hospital Laboratories.
Academic Article Using Participatory Ergonomics to Improve Health and Safety in Commercial Lobstering in the United States: 2 Case Studies.
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