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Academic Article Effects of an ergonomic training program on workers with video display units.
Academic Article Shoulder disorders and postural stress in automobile assembly work.
Academic Article Ergonomic exposures in apple harvesting: preliminary observations.
Academic Article Back disorders and nonneutral trunk postures of automobile assembly workers.
Academic Article Evaluation of interrater reliability for posture observations in a field study.
Academic Article Ergonomic exposure assessment: an application of the PATH systematic observation method to retail workers. Postures, Activities, Tools and Handling.
Academic Article Upper extremity biomechanics in computer tasks differ by gender.
Academic Article Variability in risk factors for knee injury in construction.
Academic Article Physical ergonomic hazards in highway tunnel construction: overview from the Construction Occupational Health Program.
Academic Article University students' notebook computer use: lessons learned using e-diaries to report musculoskeletal discomfort.
Academic Article Pathomechanisms of work-related musculoskeletal disorders: conceptual issues.
Academic Article Upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders in hospital workers.
Academic Article Exposure to ergonomic stressors in the garment industry: application and critique of job-site work analysis methods.
Academic Article Soft tissue disorders in the upper limbs of female garment workers.
Academic Article Reliable exposure assessment strategies for physical ergonomics stressors in construction and other non-routinized work.
Academic Article Work routinization and implications for ergonomic exposure assessment.
Academic Article Estimation of compressive forces on lumbar spine from categorical posture data.
Academic Article Statistical precision of categorical PATH observations of trunk posture.
Concept Posture
Academic Article Statistical performance of observational work sampling for assessment of categorical exposure variables: a simulation approach illustrated using PATH data.
Academic Article A physical workload index to evaluate a safe resident handling program for nursing home personnel.
Academic Article Musculoskeletal disorder symptoms in correction officers: why do they increase rapidly with job tenure?
Academic Article An integrated biomechanical modeling approach to the ergonomic evaluation of drywall installation.
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