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Academic Article Validity of fixed-interval observations for postural assessment in construction work.
Academic Article Covariation between workplace physical and psychosocial stressors: evidence and implications for occupational health research and prevention.
Academic Article Ergonomic exposures in apple harvesting: preliminary observations.
Academic Article Evaluation of interrater reliability for posture observations in a field study.
Academic Article Upper extremity biomechanics in computer tasks differ by gender.
Academic Article Subjective ratings of upper extremity exposures: inter-method agreement with direct measurement of exposures.
Academic Article Physical ergonomic hazards in highway tunnel construction: overview from the Construction Occupational Health Program.
Academic Article Reliable exposure assessment strategies for physical ergonomics stressors in construction and other non-routinized work.
Academic Article Work routinization and implications for ergonomic exposure assessment.
Academic Article Inter-rater reliability of PATH observations for assessment of ergonomic risk factors in hospital work.
Academic Article Occupation-differential construct validity of the Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ) psychological job demands scale with physical job demands items: a mixed methods research.
Concept Task Performance and Analysis
Academic Article An integrated biomechanical modeling approach to the ergonomic evaluation of drywall installation.
Academic Article Associations Among Health Care Workplace Safety, Resident Satisfaction, and Quality of Care in Long-Term Care Facilities.
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  • Task Performance and Analysis