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Concept Agriculture
Academic Article Organophosphate urinary metabolite levels during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum in women living in agricultural areas in Thailand.
Academic Article Paraquat Exposure of Pregnant Women and Neonates in Agricultural Areas in Thailand.
Academic Article Differences among Thai Agricultural Workers' Health, Working Conditions, and Pesticide Use by Farm Type.
Academic Article Evaluation of Dermal Exposure to the Herbicide Alachlor Among Vegetable Farmers in Thailand.
Academic Article A Cross-Sectional Investigation of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Biomarkers among Conventional and Organic Farmers in Thailand.
Academic Article Difference in Accidents, Health Symptoms, and Ergonomic Problems between Conventional Farmers Using Pesticides and Organic Farmers.
Academic Article Hearing Loss in Agricultural Workers Exposed to Pesticides and Noise.
Academic Article Thyroid Hormones in Conventional and Organic Farmers in Thailand.
Academic Article Environmental and Occupational Risk Factors Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology in West Javanese Rice Farmers, Indonesia.
Academic Article Estimating of the costs of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in agricultural works in Thailand.
Academic Article Application Intensity and Spatial Distribution of Three Major Herbicides from Agricultural and Nonagricultural Practices in the Central Plain of Thailand.
Academic Article Estimating Occupational Exposure to VOCs, SVOCs, Particles and Participant Survey Reported Symptoms in Central Thailand Rice Farmers Using Multiple Sampling Techniques.
Concept Organic Agriculture
Academic Article Determinants of Hypertension amongst Rice Farmers in West Java, Indonesia.
Academic Article Pesticide residues on children's hands, home indoor surfaces, and drinking water among conventional and organic farmers in Thailand.
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