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Academic Article Induction of progestin receptors by estradiol in the forebrain of estrogen receptor-alpha gene-disrupted mice.
Academic Article Projections of the estrogen receptor-immunoreactive ventrolateral hypothalamus to other estrogen receptor-immunoreactive sites in female guinea pig brain.
Academic Article Convergence of substance P and estrogen receptor immunoreactivity in the midbrain central gray of female guinea pigs.
Academic Article Neural distribution of estrogen receptor immunoreactive cells in the female musk shrew.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor beta messenger ribonucleic acid expression in the forebrain of proestrous, pregnant, and lactating female rats.
Academic Article Response of ERalpha-IR and ERbeta-IR cells in the forebrain of female rats to mating stimuli.
Academic Article Oestrogen receptor-alpha-immunoreactive neurones project to the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the female Syrian hamster.
Academic Article Cells containing immunoreactive estrogen receptor-alpha in the human basal forebrain.
Academic Article Maternal behavior stimulates c-fos activity within estrogen receptor alpha-containing neurons in lactating rats.
Academic Article Coexpression of ER beta with ER alpha and progestin receptor proteins in the female rat forebrain: effects of estradiol treatment.
Academic Article Immunocytochemical evidence for noradrenergic regulation of estrogen receptor concentrations in the guinea pig hypothalamus.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor immunoreactivity in rat brain: rapid effects of estradiol injection.
Academic Article Down-regulation of estrogen receptor immunoreactivity by 17 beta-estradiol in the guinea pig forebrain.
Academic Article Estrogen-receptor immunoreactivity in hamster brain: preoptic area, hypothalamus and amygdala.
Academic Article Immunocytochemical localization of midbrain estrogen receptor- and progestin receptor-containing cells in female guinea pigs.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor binding in regions of the rat hypothalamus and preoptic area after inhibition of dopamine-beta-hydroxylase.
Academic Article Colchicine-induced accumulation of estrogen receptor and progestin receptor immunoreactivity in atypical areas in guinea-pig brain.
Academic Article Nuclear receptor coactivators function in estrogen receptor- and progestin receptor-dependent aspects of sexual behavior in female rats.
Academic Article Estradiol-induced progestin receptor immunoreactivity is found only in estrogen receptor-immunoreactive cells in guinea pig brain.
Academic Article Long-term effects of pubertal stressors on female sexual receptivity and estrogen receptor-a expression in CD-1 female mice.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor-immunostaining of neuronal cytoplasmic processes as well as cell nuclei in guinea pig brain.
Academic Article Further evidence of noradrenergic regulation of rat hypothalamic estrogen receptor concentration: possible non-functional increase and functional decrease.
Academic Article Manipulations of metabolic fuel availability alter estrous behavior and neural estrogen receptor immunoreactivity in Syrian hamsters.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor-immunoreactive forebrain neurons project to the ventrolateral hypothalamus in female guinea pigs.
Concept Estrogen Receptor beta
Concept Estrogen Receptor alpha
Academic Article Estrogen receptor a and ? are involved in the activation of lordosis behavior in estradiol-primed rats.
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