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Academic Article Progesterone-independent activation of rat brain progestin receptors by reproductive stimuli.
Academic Article Response to male odours in progestin receptor- and oestrogen receptor-containing cells in female rat brain.
Academic Article A progestin antagonist blocks vaginocervical stimulation-induced fos expression in neurones containing progestin receptors in the rostral medial preoptic area.
Academic Article Estrogen-induced and estrogen-facilitated female rat sexual behavior is not mediated by progestin receptors.
Academic Article Maintenance of progesterone-facilitated sexual behavior in female rats requires continued hypothalamic protein synthesis and nuclear progestin receptor occupation.
Academic Article Progestin receptors: neuronal integrators of hormonal and environmental stimulation.
Academic Article Abbreviation of the period of sexual behavior in female guinea pigs by the progesterone antagonist RU 486.
Academic Article Inhibition of sexual behavior in female guinea pigs by a progestin receptor antagonist.
Academic Article Inhibition of rat sexual behavior by antisense oligonucleotides to the progesterone receptor.
Concept Mifepristone
Academic Article Sexual receptivity facilitated by unesterified estradiol: Dependence on estrogen and progestin receptors and priming dose of estradiol benzoate.
Academic Article Lordosis facilitated by GPER-1 receptor activation involves GnRH-1, progestin and estrogen receptors in estrogen-primed rats.
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