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Academic Article Dopamine requires the unoccupied progesterone receptor to induce sexual behavior in mice.
Academic Article The desensitization effect of progesterone on female rat sexual behavior is not due to interference with estrogen priming.
Academic Article Nuclear progestin receptors in guinea pig brain measured by an in vitro exchange assay after hormonal treatments that affect lordosis.
Academic Article A sex difference in the progestin receptor system of guinea pig brain.
Academic Article Estrogenic effects of zearalenone on the expression of progestin receptors and sexual behavior in female rats.
Academic Article Nuclear receptor coactivators function in estrogen receptor- and progestin receptor-dependent aspects of sexual behavior in female rats.
Academic Article Non-intromissive mating stimuli are sufficient to enhance sexual behaviors in ovariectomized female rats.
Academic Article Development of progesterone-facilitated lordosis in female guinea pigs: relationship to neural estrogen and progestin receptors.
Academic Article Steroids induce hypothalamic progestin receptors and facilitate female sexual behavior in neonatal rats.
Academic Article Oestrogen-progestin regulation of female sexual behavior in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Abbreviation of the period of sexual behavior in female guinea pigs by the progesterone antagonist RU 486.
Academic Article Loss of hypothalamic nuclear-bound progestin receptors: factors involved and the relationship to heat termination in female guinea pigs.
Academic Article Alteration of sensitivity to progesterone facilitation of lordosis in guinea pigs by modulation of hypothalamic progestin receptors.
Academic Article Convergent pathways for steroid hormone- and neurotransmitter-induced rat sexual behavior.
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Academic Article Sexual receptivity facilitated by unesterified estradiol: Dependence on estrogen and progestin receptors and priming dose of estradiol benzoate.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor a and ? are involved in the activation of lordosis behavior in estradiol-primed rats.
Academic Article Lordosis facilitated by GPER-1 receptor activation involves GnRH-1, progestin and estrogen receptors in estrogen-primed rats.
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