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Academic Article Physical exposures during pregnancy and congenital cardiovascular malformations.
Academic Article Physical activity and risk of small-for-gestational-age birth among predominantly Puerto Rican women.
Academic Article Second stage of labor and intraventricular hemorrhage in early preterm infants in the vertex presentation.
Academic Article Assessment of recreational physical activity during pregnancy in epidemiologic studies of birthweight and length of gestation: methodologic aspects.
Concept Infant, Newborn, Diseases
Concept Infant, Newborn
Academic Article Depression during pregnancy: a risk factor for adverse neonatal outcomes? A critical review of the literature.
Academic Article Physical activity in pregnancy and neonatal body composition: the Healthy Start study.
Academic Article Validation of a certified nurse-midwifery database for use in quality monitoring and outcomes research.
Academic Article Quantity and timing of maternal prenatal smoking on neonatal body composition: the Healthy Start study.
Academic Article A pregnancy lifestyle intervention to prevent gestational diabetes risk factors in overweight Hispanic women: a feasibility randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Exposure to prenatal smoking and early-life body composition: the healthy start study.
Academic Article Early pregnancy vitamin D status and risk for adverse maternal and infant outcomes in a bi-ethnic cohort: the Behaviors Affecting Baby and You (B.A.B.Y.) Study.
Academic Article Acculturation and Adverse Birth Outcomes in a Predominantly Puerto Rican Population.
Academic Article Depression During Pregnancy and Adverse Birth Outcomes Among Predominantly Puerto Rican Women.
Academic Article Prenatal Perceived Stress and Adverse Birth Outcomes Among Puerto Rican Women.
Academic Article Influence of maternal aerobic exercise during pregnancy on fetal cardiac function and outflow.
Academic Article Moderate intensity aerobic exercise during pregnancy and 1-month infant Morphometry.
Academic Article Influence of prenatal exercise on the relationship between maternal overweight and obesity and select delivery outcomes.
Academic Article Associations of maternal preterm birth with subsequent risk for type 2 diabetes in women from the women's health initiative.
Academic Article Influence of Supervised Maternal Aerobic Exercise during Pregnancy on 1-Month-Old Neonatal Cardiac Function and Outflow: A Pilot Study.
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