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Academic Article Physiology and interpretation of the electromyogram.
Academic Article Comparison of MRI with EMG to study muscle activity associated with dynamic plantar flexion.
Academic Article Hemispheric differences in the relationship between corticomotor excitability changes following a fine-motor task and motor learning.
Academic Article Enhanced motor unit rate coding with improvements in a force-matching task.
Academic Article Neural issues in the control of muscular strength.
Academic Article Maximal motor unit discharge rates in the quadriceps muscles of older weight lifters.
Academic Article Doublet discharges in motoneurons of young and older adults.
Academic Article Motor-evoked potentials following imagery and limb disuse.
Academic Article Effect of ketoprofen on muscle function and sEMG activity after eccentric exercise.
Academic Article The most consistent finding in SEMG is inconsistent findings.
Academic Article Adaptations in muscular activation of the knee extensor muscles with strength training in young and older adults.
Academic Article Superficial motor units are larger than deeper motor units in human vastus lateralis muscle.
Academic Article Decreases in motor unit firing rate during sustained maximal-effort contractions in young and older adults.
Academic Article Evidence of self-sustained motoneuron firing in young and older adults.
Academic Article Neural adaptations to resistive exercise: mechanisms and recommendations for training practices.
Academic Article Equalization filters for multiple-channel electromyogram arrays.
Academic Article Experimental and modeling investigation of spectral compression of biceps brachii SEMG activity with increasing force levels.
Academic Article Motor unit firing behavior during prolonged 50% MVC dorsiflexion contractions in young and older adults.
Academic Article Relationships between surface EMG variables and motor unit firing rates.
Academic Article Relationships between motor unit size and recruitment threshold in older adults: implications for size principle.
Academic Article Experimental and modelling investigation of surface EMG spike analysis.
Concept Electromyography
Academic Article Cortical inhibition is reduced following short-term training in young and older adults.
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