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Academic Article Molecular chaperones: clamps for the Clps?
Academic Article Different conformations for the same polypeptide bound to chaperones DnaK and GroEL.
Academic Article Biophysical studies of recognition sequences for targeting and folding.
Academic Article Renaturation of citrate synthase: influence of denaturant and folding assistants.
Academic Article Dependence of endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation on the peptide binding domain and concentration of BiP.
Academic Article Mutations in the substrate binding domain of the Escherichia coli 70 kDa molecular chaperone, DnaK, which alter substrate affinity or interdomain coupling.
Academic Article Structural insights into substrate binding by the molecular chaperone DnaK.
Academic Article Nature's molecular sponges: small heat shock proteins grow into their chaperone roles.
Academic Article The chaperonin GroEL binds a polypeptide in an alpha-helical conformation.
Academic Article Segmental isotopic labeling of the Hsp70 molecular chaperone DnaK using expressed protein ligation.
Academic Article Allosteric signal transmission in the nucleotide-binding domain of 70-kDa heat shock protein (Hsp70) molecular chaperones.
Academic Article A new twist for an Hsp70 chaperone.
Academic Article The changing landscape of protein allostery.
Academic Article Hsp70 chaperone ligands control domain association via an allosteric mechanism mediated by the interdomain linker.
Academic Article The molecular dating game: an antibody heavy chain hangs loose with a chaperone while waiting for its life partner.
Academic Article Role of Hsp70 ATPase domain intrinsic dynamics and sequence evolution in enabling its functional interactions with NEFs.
Academic Article An interdomain sector mediating allostery in Hsp70 molecular chaperones.
Academic Article Conserved, disordered C terminus of DnaK enhances cellular survival upon stress and DnaK in vitro chaperone activity.
Academic Article An interdomain energetic tug-of-war creates the allosterically active state in Hsp70 molecular chaperones.
Academic Article Polypeptide interactions with molecular chaperones and their relationship to in vivo protein folding.
Academic Article Molecular chaperones. Panning for chaperone-binding peptides.
Academic Article Characterization of a functionally important mobile domain of GroES.
Academic Article The structure of Escherichia coli heat-stable enterotoxin b by nuclear magnetic resonance and circular dichroism.
Concept Heat-Shock Proteins
Concept HSC70 Heat-Shock Proteins
Concept Heat-Shock Response
Concept HSP70 Heat-Shock Proteins
Concept Heat-Shock Proteins, Small
Concept HSP90 Heat-Shock Proteins
Academic Article ATPase subdomain IA is a mediator of interdomain allostery in Hsp70 molecular chaperones.
Academic Article How hsp70 molecular machines interact with their substrates to mediate diverse physiological functions.
Academic Article Individual and collective contributions of chaperoning and degradation to protein homeostasis in E. coli.
Academic Article Substrate-binding domain conformational dynamics mediate Hsp70 allostery.
Academic Article Division of Labor: ER-Resident BiP Co-Chaperones Match Substrates to Fates Based on Specific Binding Sequences.
Academic Article Key features of an Hsp70 chaperone allosteric landscape revealed by ion-mobility native mass spectrometry and double electron-electron resonance.
Academic Article Recent advances in the structural and mechanistic aspects of Hsp70 molecular chaperones.
Academic Article Allosteric landscapes of eukaryotic cytoplasmic Hsp70s are shaped by evolutionary tuning of key interfaces.
Academic Article The Hsp70 interdomain linker is a dynamic switch that enables allosteric communication between two structured domains.
Academic Article Selective promiscuity in the binding of E. coli Hsp70 to an unfolded protein.
Academic Article Physics-based modeling provides predictive understanding of selectively promiscuous substrate binding by Hsp70 chaperones.
Academic Article There are more Hsp90 chaperone mechanisms in heaven and earth, dear reader, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Academic Article Computationally-Aided Modeling of Hsp70-Client Interactions: Past, Present, and Future.
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