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Academic Article A member of the phylogenetically conserved CAD family of transcriptional regulators is dramatically up-regulated during the programmed cell death of skeletal muscle in the tobacco hawkmoth Manduca sexta.
Academic Article Imaginal cell-specific accumulation of the multicatalytic proteinase complex (proteasome) during post-embryonic development in the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta.
Academic Article Cloning and analysis of small cytoplasmic leucine-rich repeat protein (SCLP), a novel, phylogenetically-conserved protein that is dramatically up-regulated during the programmed death of moth skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Insect muscle as a model for programmed cell death.
Academic Article Lepidopteran DALP, and its mammalian ortholog HIC-5, function as negative regulators of muscle differentiation.
Academic Article Differential roles of HIC-5 isoforms in the regulation of cell death and myotube formation during myogenesis.
Academic Article Atrophy and programmed cell death of skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Gene activation is required for developmentally programmed cell death.
Academic Article Investigation of gene expression in C(2)C(12) myotubes following simvastatin application and mechanical strain.
Academic Article The role of cell death genes during development.
Academic Article Knockdown of metallothionein 1 and 2 does not affect atrophy or oxidant activity in a novel in vitro model.
Academic Article Expression of human amyloid precursor protein in the skeletal muscles of Drosophila results in age- and activity-dependent muscle weakness.
Academic Article Changes in contractile properties of skeletal muscle during developmentally programmed atrophy and death.
Academic Article Differential expression of the Ca2+-binding protein parvalbumin during myogenesis in Xenopus laevis.
Academic Article Localization of immunoreactive ubiquitin in the nervous system of the Manduca sexta moth.
Academic Article Coordinated induction of the ubiquitin conjugation pathway accompanies the developmentally programmed death of insect skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Changes in the structure and function of the multicatalytic proteinase (proteasome) during programmed cell death in the intersegmental muscles of the hawkmoth, Manduca sexta.
Academic Article Do all programmed cell deaths occur via apoptosis?
Academic Article Activation of polyubiquitin gene expression during developmentally programmed cell death.
Academic Article Acheron, a novel member of the Lupus Antigen family, is induced during the programmed cell death of skeletal muscles in the moth Manduca sexta.
Academic Article Differential control of cell death and gene expression during two distinct phases of hormonally-regulated muscle death in the tobacco hawkmoth Manduca sexta.
Academic Article Regulation of muscle differentiation and survival by Acheron.
Academic Article Cell death in myoblasts and muscles.
Academic Article NF-KB activity functions in primary pericytes in a cell- and non-cell-autonomous manner to affect myotube formation.
Academic Article Peptide inhibitors of the ICE protease family arrest programmed cell death of motoneurons in vivo and in vitro.
Academic Article Apolipophorin III is dramatically up-regulated during the programmed death of insect skeletal muscle and neurons.
Academic Article Selective repression of actin and myosin heavy chain expression during the programmed death of insect skeletal muscle.
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Concept Muscle, Skeletal
Academic Article Muscle nuclei remember to cheat death.
Academic Article The myonuclear domain is not maintained in skeletal muscle during either atrophy or programmed cell death.
Academic Article Type 2 diabetes impairs the ability of skeletal muscle pericytes to augment postischemic neovascularization in db/db mice.
Academic Article Skeletal Muscles Do Not Undergo Apoptosis During Either Atrophy or Programmed Cell Death-Revisiting the Myonuclear Domain Hypothesis.
Academic Article Acheron/Larp6 Is a Survival Protein That Protects Skeletal Muscle From Programmed Cell Death During Development.
Academic Article High-resolution analysis of differential gene expression during skeletal muscle atrophy and programmed cell death.
Academic Article Somatic piRNAs and Transposons are Differentially Expressed Coincident with Skeletal Muscle Atrophy and Programmed Cell Death.
Academic Article Cross Talk opposing view: Myonuclei do not undergo apoptosis during skeletal muscle atrophy.
Academic Article Cross Talk rebuttal: Schwartz and Gundersen.
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