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Academic Article Circadian organization of tau mutant hamsters: aftereffects and splitting.
Academic Article Effects of the duper mutation on circadian responses to light.
Academic Article Does the precision of a biological clock depend upon its period? Effects of the duper and tau mutations in Syrian hamsters.
Academic Article Duper: a mutation that shortens hamster circadian period.
Concept Mutation
Academic Article Effects of the duper mutation on responses to light: parametric and nonparametric responses, range of entrainment, and masking.
Academic Article Phase resetting in duper hamsters: specificity to photic zeitgebers and circadian phase.
Academic Article Suprachiasmatic function in a circadian period mutant: Duper alters light-induced activation of vasoactive intestinal peptide cells and PERIOD1 immunostaining.
Academic Article Circadian Function in Multiple Cell Types Is Necessary for Proper Timing of the Preovulatory LH Surge.
Concept Loss of Function Mutation
Academic Article duper is a null mutation of Cryptochrome 1 in Syrian hamsters.
Academic Article The duper mutation reveals previously unsuspected functions of Cryptochrome 1 in circadian entrainment and heart disease.
Academic Article Adult Neurogenesis Is Altered by Circadian Phase Shifts and the Duper Mutation in Female Syrian Hamsters.
Academic Article Neuroendocrine effects of the duper mutation in Syrian hamsters: a role for Cryptochrome 1.
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