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Academic Article Effects of photoperiod and androgen on pituitary function and neuropeptide staining in Siberian hamsters.
Academic Article Effects of photoperiod duration and melatonin signal characteristics on the reproductive system of male Syrian hamsters.
Academic Article Photoperiod regulates neuronal bromodeoxyuridine labeling in the brain of a seasonally breeding mammal.
Academic Article Lesions of the melatonin- and androgen-responsive tissue of the dorsomedial nucleus of the hypothalamus block the gonadal response of male Syrian hamsters to programmed infusions of melatonin.
Academic Article Effects of photoperiod and androgen on proopiomelanocortin gene expression in the arcuate nucleus of golden hamsters.
Academic Article Photoperiod and testosterone regulate androgen receptor immunostaining in the Siberian hamster brain.
Academic Article Circadian organization of tau mutant hamsters: aftereffects and splitting.
Academic Article Influences of photoperiod on sexual behaviour, neuroendocrine steroid receptors and adenohypophysial hormone secretion and gene expression in female golden hamsters.
Academic Article Influences of photoperiod on nuclear androgen receptor occupancy in neuroendocrine tissues of the golden hamster.
Academic Article Influences of the adrenal gland and photoperiod on the hamster oestrus cycle.
Academic Article The timed infusion paradigm for melatonin delivery: what has it taught us about the melatonin signal, its reception, and the photoperiodic control of seasonal responses?
Academic Article Photoperiodic regulation of androgen receptor and steroid receptor coactivator-1 in Siberian hamster brain.
Academic Article Pituitary hormone gene expression in male golden hamsters: interactions between photoperiod and testosterone.
Academic Article Lateralization of the central circadian pacemaker output: a test of neural control of peripheral oscillator phase.
Academic Article Serum levels of gonadotrophins in hamsters exposed to short photoperiods: effects of adrenalectomy and ovariectomy.
Academic Article Importance of duration of nocturnal melatonin secretion in determining the reproductive response to inductive photoperiod in the ewe.
Academic Article Paraventricular nucleus lesions exaggerate dietary obesity but block photoperiod-induced weight gains and suspension of estrous cyclicity in Syrian hamsters.
Academic Article Steroidal and photoperiodic regulation of opiate binding in male golden hamsters.
Concept Photoperiod
Academic Article Effects of the duper mutation on responses to light: parametric and nonparametric responses, range of entrainment, and masking.
Academic Article Timing in the Testis.

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