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Academic Article Regulation of the phase and period of circadian rhythms restored by suprachiasmatic transplants.
Academic Article Period gene expression in mouse endocrine tissues.
Academic Article Neuropeptide Y rapidly reduces Period 1 and Period 2 mRNA levels in the hamster suprachiasmatic nucleus.
Academic Article Does the precision of a biological clock depend upon its period? Effects of the duper and tau mutations in Syrian hamsters.
Academic Article Central control of circadian phase in arousal-promoting neurons.
Academic Article Suprachiasmatic regulation of circadian rhythms of gene expression in hamster peripheral organs: effects of transplanting the pacemaker.
Academic Article Lateralization of the central circadian pacemaker output: a test of neural control of peripheral oscillator phase.
Academic Article Duper: a mutation that shortens hamster circadian period.
Academic Article A role for estradiol in enhancing luteinizing hormone pulse frequency during the follicular phase of the estrous cycle of sheep.
Academic Article Photoperiodic termination of hamster refractoriness: participation of the pineal gland.
Concept Period Circadian Proteins
Concept Refractory Period, Electrophysiological
Academic Article Phase resetting in duper hamsters: specificity to photic zeitgebers and circadian phase.
Academic Article Circadian Rhythms: Understanding the SCN Connectome.
Academic Article Suprachiasmatic function in a circadian period mutant: Duper alters light-induced activation of vasoactive intestinal peptide cells and PERIOD1 immunostaining.
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