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Academic Article Physical activity among children and youth.
Academic Article Physical activity assessment: a review of methods.
Academic Article Reliability and validity of a portable metabolic measurement system.
Academic Article Exercise responses to running and in-line skating at self-selected paces.
Academic Article Calibration of the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. accelerometer.
Academic Article Improved psychological well-being, quality of life, and health practices in moderately overweight women participating in a 12-week structured weight loss program.
Academic Article The reliability of lactate measurements during exercise.
Academic Article Classification of cardiorespiratory fitness without exercise testing.
Academic Article Using objective physical activity measures with youth: how many days of monitoring are needed?
Academic Article Comparing physical activity assessment methods in the Seasonal Variation of Blood Cholesterol Study.
Academic Article Changes in VO2max and maximal treadmill time after 9 wk of running or in-line skate training.
Academic Article Objective monitoring of physical activity using motion sensors and heart rate.
Academic Article Intraindividual variation of running economy in highly trained and moderately trained males.
Academic Article Preexercise feeding in untrained adolescent boys does not affect responses to endurance exercise or performance.
Academic Article Moderate to vigorous physical activity and risk of upper-respiratory tract infection.
Academic Article Estimating physical activity using the CSA accelerometer and a physical activity log.
Academic Article Evaluating a model of parental influence on youth physical activity.
Academic Article Development and validation of a Pregnancy Physical Activity Questionnaire.
Academic Article Electronic motion sensors and heart rate as measures of physical activity in children.
Academic Article Development and testing of a short physical activity recall questionnaire.
Academic Article Effect of internal work on the calculation of optimal pedaling rates.
Academic Article Validation of the Kaiser Physical Activity Survey in pregnant women.
Academic Article Field evaluation of the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. physical activity monitor.
Academic Article Validity of accelerometry for the assessment of moderate intensity physical activity in the field.
Academic Article Seasonal variation in household, occupational, and leisure time physical activity: longitudinal analyses from the seasonal variation of blood cholesterol study.
Academic Article The association between an objective measure of physical activity and weight status in preschoolers.
Academic Article Energy expenditure of selected household activities during pregnancy.
Academic Article An artificial neural network to estimate physical activity energy expenditure and identify physical activity type from an accelerometer.
Academic Article Physical activity and risk of small-for-gestational-age birth among predominantly Puerto Rican women.
Academic Article Accelerometer output and MET values of common physical activities.
Academic Article Effects of a single exercise bout on insulin sensitivity in black and white individuals.
Academic Article Errors in MET estimates of physical activities using 3.5 ml x kg(-1) x min(-1) as the baseline oxygen consumption.
Academic Article Walking for exercise testing and training.
Academic Article Calibrating a novel multi-sensor physical activity measurement system.
Academic Article Multisensor data fusion for physical activity assessment.
Academic Article Assessment of physical activity using wearable monitors: recommendations for monitor calibration and use in the field.
Academic Article ZigBee-based wireless multi-sensor system for physical activity assessment.
Academic Article SVM-based multi-sensor fusion for free-living physical activity assessment.
Academic Article Energy cost of common activities in children and adolescents.
Academic Article Sustained and shorter bouts of physical activity are related to cardiovascular health.
Academic Article Wireless design of a multisensor system for physical activity monitoring.
Academic Article Accuracy of accelerometer regression models in predicting energy expenditure and METs in children and youth.
Academic Article Simple to complex modeling of breathing volume using a motion sensor.
Academic Article Classification accuracy of the wrist-worn gravity estimator of normal everyday activity accelerometer.
Academic Article Cardiac output differences in males and females during mild cycle ergometer exercise.
Academic Article Familial aggregation in physical activity.
Academic Article Body mass index, but not physical activity, is associated with C-reactive protein.
Academic Article Exercise intensity and erythrocyte 2,3-diphosphoglycerate concentration.
Academic Article Evaluation of acute cardiorespiratory responses to hydraulic resistance exercise.
Academic Article Effects of coenzyme Q10 supplementation on exercise performance, VO2max, and lipid peroxidation in trained cyclists.
Academic Article Energy expenditure in prepubescent children: influence of sex and age.
Academic Article Heart rate response to bicycle ergometer exercise in children ages 6-7 years.
Academic Article Comparison of blood lipids, lipoproteins, anthropometric measures, and resting and exercise cardiovascular responses in children, 6--7 years old.
Academic Article Physical activity, fitness, and health in children: a close look.
Academic Article Effects of a single bout of exercise on resting heart rate variability.
Academic Article Improved insulin action following short-term exercise training: role of energy and carbohydrate balance.
Academic Article Bias in estimating caloric expenditure from physical activity in children. Implications for epidemiological studies.
Academic Article Estimation of VO2max: a comparative analysis of five exercise tests.
Academic Article Development of novel techniques to classify physical activity mode using accelerometers.
Academic Article Physical activity patterns during pregnancy in a diverse population of women.
Academic Article Postexercise insulin action in African-American women.
Academic Article Agreement between student-reported and proxy-reported physical activity questionnaires.
Academic Article Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Oxygen Consumption during Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Exercise.
Academic Article Validity of the Omron HJ-112 pedometer during treadmill walking.
Academic Article Accelerometer prediction of energy expenditure: vector magnitude versus vertical axis.
Academic Article Midpoint-based empirical decomposition for nonlinear trend estimation.
Academic Article Use of continuous glucose monitoring in normoglycemic, insulin-resistant women.
Academic Article Promises and pitfalls of emerging measures of physical activity and the environment.
Academic Article A comprehensive evaluation of commonly used accelerometer energy expenditure and MET prediction equations.
Academic Article Validation and comparison of ActiGraph activity monitors.
Academic Article Psychological responses to acute exercise in sedentary black and white individuals.
Academic Article ActiGraph and Actical physical activity monitors: a peek under the hood.
Academic Article Biomechanical examination of the 'plateau phenomenon' in ActiGraph vertical activity counts.
Academic Article A recess intervention to promote moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.
Academic Article Computational methods for estimating energy expenditure in human physical activities.
Academic Article Classification of physical activities based on sparse representation.
Academic Article Effects of shoe type on cardiorespiratory responses and rearfoot motion during treadmill running.
Academic Article Submaximal exercise quantified as percent of normoxic and hyperoxic maximum oxygen uptakes.
Academic Article Physical activity patterns determined by heart rate monitoring in 6-7 year-old children.
Academic Article Transient VO2 characteristics in children at the onset of steady-rate exercise.
Academic Article The influence of hemoglobin concentration on exercise cardiac output.
Academic Article Validity of the Computer Science and Applications, Inc. (CSA) activity monitor.
Academic Article Intraindividual variation during inclined steady-rate treadmill running.
Concept Exercise Therapy
Concept Exercise
Concept Exercise Test
Concept Exercise Tolerance
Academic Article A method to estimate free-living active and sedentary behavior from an accelerometer.
Academic Article ActiGraph? activity monitors: "the firmware effect".
Academic Article Guide to the assessment of physical activity: Clinical and research applications: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association.
Academic Article The independent and combined effects of exercise training and reducing sedentary behavior on cardiometabolic risk factors.
Academic Article Direct observation is a valid criterion for estimating physical activity and sedentary behavior.
Academic Article Changes in sedentary time and physical activity in response to an exercise training and/or lifestyle intervention.
Academic Article Impact of accelerometer data processing decisions on the sample size, wear time and physical activity level of a large cohort study.
Academic Article Objective monitoring of physical activity using motion sensors and heart rate.
Academic Article Validity and reliability question 8 of the Paffenbarger Physical Activity Questionnaire among healthy adults.
Academic Article Validation of the Fitbit wireless activity tracker for prediction of energy expenditure.
Academic Article Methods to estimate aspects of physical activity and sedentary behavior from high-frequency wrist accelerometer measurements.
Academic Article Validity of Activity Monitor Step Detection Is Related to Movement Patterns.
Academic Article Utility of Consumer Physical Activity Trackers as an Intervention Tool in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment.
Academic Article Exercise and Serum Androgens in Women.
Academic Article The Effect of Changes in Physical Activity on Sedentary Behavior: Results From a Randomized Lifestyle Intervention Trial.
Academic Article Advantages and Limitations of Wearable Activity Trackers: Considerations for Patients and Clinicians.
Academic Article The activPALTM Accurately Classifies Activity Intensity Categories in Healthy Adults.
Academic Article The Physical Activity Tracker Testing in Youth (P.A.T.T.Y.) Study: Content Analysis and Children's Perceptions.
Academic Article Validity of proximity sensor-based wear-time detection using the ActiGraph GT9X.
Academic Article Exercise Programs for Children: A Way to Prevent Heart Disease?
Academic Article Youth Oriented Activity Trackers: Comprehensive Laboratory- and Field-Based Validation.
Academic Article Physical activity classification with dynamic discriminative methods.
Academic Article Influence of Accelerometer Calibration Approach on Moderate-Vigorous Physical Activity Estimates for Adults.
Academic Article Managing free-living hyperglycemia with exercise or interrupted sitting in type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article A Framework to Evaluate Devices That Assess Physical Behavior.
Academic Article Individualized Relative-Intensity Physical Activity Accelerometer Cut Points.
Academic Article Metrics of Diabetes Risk Are Only Minimally Improved by Exercise Training in Postmenopausal Breast Cancer Survivors.
Academic Article The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical activity and sedentary behavior during pregnancy: a prospective study.
Academic Article Field Monitoring of Physical Activity in Children.
Academic Article The Relationship between Peak Oxygen Uptake and Physical Activity in 6- to 8-Year-Old Children.
Academic Article Update and Novel Validation of a Pregnancy Physical Activity Questionnaire.
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